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Claudio Erlichman

Claudio Erlichman

           Publicist, graduated in Advertising & Marketing from ESPM (Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing) and post-graduated from UCSD (University of California of San Diego), School of the Visual Arts and Parson's School/New School (New York).  He presented radio shows on musical theater at Radio Cultura FM and wrote about cinema at the site In 2006, he organized and directed "Cante-com-a-gente" at Teatro Folha presenting famous musical movies "sing-a-long" sessions, event unprecedented in Brazil.

From 2008 to 2011, he worked in the Official Press of the State of São Paulo – IMESP, where he was executive editor of “Coleção Aplauso” -, publishing about 310 books. Various books of “Coleção Aplauso” were finalists and winners of Prêmio Jabuti de Literatura (the highest award of Brazilian literature). “Coleção Aplauso” also won the Special Trophy from the Association of Art Critics of São Paulo (APCA), in recognition for the support and encouragement of arts and culture.

Currently, Claudio Erlichman collaborates with Rubens Ewald Filho, the most distinguished critic of cinema in Brazil, in the organization of a collection of guides of movies on DVD and Blu-ray and writes about musical theater in a weekly electronic newsletter “Colunas & Notas”, which is sent to a VIP mailing list of people connected to the area of culture and entertainment. He also works as a producer to the group Conteúdo Teatral (, where he contributes with advertising creation, develops projects and provides international consulting. Conteudo Teatral manages Teatro Folha, in São Paulo City, and Teatro Amil, in Campinas. There he also has the function of creative advisor for productions, researching for texts and ideas for projects such as:

2005 – O Estrangeiro (The Foreigner), by Larry Shue

2008 – O Mala (The Nerd), by Larry Shue

2010 – Enquanto Isso (The Norman Conquests), a trilogy by Alan Ayckbourn

2011– ...E O Vento Não Levou (Moonlight and Magnolias), by Ron Huntchinson

2012 – Equus, by Peter Shaffer

2012 – Um Violinista no Telhado (Fiddler on the Roof), a highly musical theater production, at Teatro Alpha in São Paulo, after a huge success at Teatro Oi Casagrande in Rio de Janeiro, obtaining the rights to produce the play and suggesting the brilliant directors Claudio Botelho and Charles Moeller, along with many other contributions which guaranteed the achievement of this production. 

2013 – A Minha Primeira Vez (My First Time), by Ken Davenport.

2014 – Todos Os Musicais de Chico Buarque em 90 Minutos, by Claudio Botelho e Charles Möeller

2015 – Dez Encontros (Blue Room), by David Hare
2015 – Nine, Um Musical Felliniano (Nine), by Maury Yeston e Arthur Kopit

2016 – Jogo Aberto (It’s Just Sex), by Jeff Gould
2016 – BroadWish - From Shtetl to Broadway, script and direction

2017 - O Empréstimo (El Crédito), by Jordi Galcerán


O PEQUENO PRÍNCIPE, O MUSICAL (The Little Prince) Opens Drawing a Parallel Between the Fable and What Lies Behind of One of the Best-Selling Books of All Time
September 27, 2022

Inspired by one of the greatest classics of universal literature, points out the reopening of Teatro Villa Lobos. In the cast names like Thiago Machado and Bruna Guerin tell the adventures of the intrepid boy sewn into the story of the author himself, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, who put a lot of himself when he wrote the work.

Talking About the Dangers of the Internet and Bullying in the Virtual World Musical CYBERBULLYING premieres in Sao Paulo
September 12, 2022

Originally titled Bullying, O Musical - featured on the São Paulo stages in 2019 and 2021, the show with libretto and direction by Allan Oliver was reformulated and is now called Cyberbullying.

Musical NEY MATOGROSSO – HOMEM COM H Celebrates the Trajectory of One of the Most Authentic Artists of Brazilian Culture
September 9, 2022

After the huge success of the musical Silvio Santos Vem Ai, Paris Cultural chose to honor the chameleonic singer Ney Matogrosso, one of the most unique figures in Brazilian music and culture, in the musical Ney Matogrosso – Homem com H, with libretto by E. Boechat and M. Toledo, direction by Fernanda Chamma and musical direction by Daniel Rocha.

Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Ney Latorraca's Career, Musical SEU NEYLA will Open in Sao Paulo, Combining Digital Technology and Live Theater
September 8, 2022

One of the best known actors in Brazil, Ney Latorraca celebrates 60 years of his career using a new technology in Brazilian theater. The musical comedy Seu Neyla, by Heloísa Perisse and directed by Jose Possi Neto, brings together the digital world and theater, in real time.

For the First Time on Stage, Musical TEMPO CERTO (Right Time) Features Songs by Roberta Campos
September 1, 2022

The plot follows the last year of a couple's relationship, exploring themes such as liquid relationships and the attempt to control time, very present in the current times. The musical features Daniel Cabral, Eri Correia, Alvaro Real and Vanessa Mello, with artistic direction and libreto by Rafael Pucca, direction by A. Real and musical direction and arrangements by Thiago Perticarrari.

With Songs by Brazilian Singer Djavan, LILAS – UM MUSICAL EM TONS REAIS Opens in Sao Paulo
August 31, 2022

Lilas - Um Musical em Tons Reais (Lilac - A Musical in Real Tones) starring actress Ligia Paula Machado and actor Ubiracy Brasil, is directed by Kleber Montanheiro and songs by singer/composer Djavan. The musical opens on September 2 at Teatro Arthur Azevedo.

Never Seen Before in Brazil, Theatro Sao Pedro Opens Weill & Brecht's THE THREEPENNY OPERA (A Opera dos Tres Vintens)
August 30, 2022

Produced for the first time in Brazil, has the musical direction by American conductor Ira Levin, who leads the Orquestra do Theatro São Pedro, and scenic direction by Alexandre Dal Farra. Opening on September 1st, there will be seven recitals until September 11th.

Disney's A PEQUENA SEREIA (THE LITTLE MERMAID) is Now Playing in Sao Paulo
August 26, 2022

'The Little Mermaid' a Broadway production inspired by the Disney movie, will be staged in Brazil at Teatro Santander on July 17th. It is the first time Disney has allowed an staging in the country, without obligation to be a replica of the American production.

MARROM, O MUSICAL Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Career of the Great Brazilian Samba Singer Alcione
August 24, 2022

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of career of samba singer Alcione, 'Marrom, O Musical' opens at Teatro Sérgio Cardoso under the direction of Miguel Falabella. Alcione 'A Marrom' ('the brown one') is one of the most famous Brazilian samba singer. She first gained international recognition in the late 1970 and has had nineteen golden records.

Based on One of the Most Popular Brazilian Soap Operas O BEM AMADO Gets a Musical Version
August 4, 2022

The show has lyrics and music by Zeca Baleiro and Newton Moreno, with musical direction by Marco França and features Cassio Scapin as the corrupt and demagogue Odorico Paraguacu, candidate for mayor of Sucupira. As there is no cemetery in the city, which forces residents to bury their dead in neighboring municipalities, the politician is elected with the slogan “Vote for a serious man and win a cemetery”!

Disney's A PEQUENA SEREIA (THE LITTLE MERMAID) Opens a New Season in Sao Paulo
July 26, 2022

'The Little Mermaid' a Broadway production inspired by the Disney movie, will be staged in Brazil at Teatro Santander on July 17th. It is the first time Disney has allowed an staging in the country, without obligation to be a replica of the American production.

Review: After 60 Years of its Opening WEST SIDE STORY Continues to Thrill Audiences in Historic Production
July 19, 2022

West Side Story opens on July 8th at Theatro Sao Pedro. A masterpiece by Bernstein & Sondheim, direction by Charles Moeller and Brazilian version by Claudio Botelho, the musical direction is by Claudio Cruz, who leads the Orquestra do Theatro Sao Pedro. The production also has a cast headed by Giulia Nadruz (Maria) and Beto Sargentelli (Tony)

After Great Success in Rio de Janeiro, PONTO A PONTO (Amy Herzog's 4000 Miles) Opens for a Short Season in Sao Paulo
July 11, 2022

After the success of Rio de Janeriro’s season, the play Ponto a Ponto (Amy Herzog’s 4000 Miles), directed by Gustavo Barchilon, opens in Sao Paulo on July 15, at Teatro B32. The show features Luiz Fernando Guimaraes giving life to a 90-year-old lady, Bruno Gissoni as her grandson and Renata Ricci in two roles.

Divided Into 6 Parts VOZES NEGRAS – A FORÇA DO CANTO FEMININO is the First Musical in a Series Format
July 6, 2022

Produced by Aventura, an innovative project raises guidelines on black feminism, the importance and role of black singers and songwriters in the history of Brazilian music. The season in Sao Paulo, which takes place at Teatro Sergio Cardoso and on the #CulturaEmCasa platform, will bring together musical theater and a forum of ideas.

Melodramatic and Cult: VINGANCA – O MUSICAL (Vengeance - the Musical) Returns to Sao Paulo's Stage
June 22, 2022

A success of Brazilian musical theater in recent years, the show Vinganca (Vengeance) returns in June at Teatro Raul Cortez in Sao Paulo. After nine years, the cult musical by Anna Toledo with songs by Lupicinio Rodrigues returns in a new house and with a renewed cast

Proposing Discussions About the Feminine Being AZAFAMA Premiere at SP Escola de Teatro
June 20, 2022

Lost in the face of cycles that repeat themselves 'again and again', Rosalina searches for answers in the stories of many women. Memories intersect, while truths and lies intertwine before the blossoming of a heroine, Rosa Linda, born of the earth, daughter of cursed women, and responsible for a great mission: to end Destiny.

Donizetti's LE CONVENIENZE ED INCONVENIENZE TEATRAL (Viva La Mamma) Opens at Theatro Sao Pedro
June 13, 2022

With performances on June 16, 17, 18 and 19, the show is musically directed and conducted by Andre dos Santos, who leads the Orquestra Jovem do Theatro Sao Pedro, stage direction by Julianna Santos. Viva La Mamma, also known as Le convenienze ed inconvenienze teatrali satirizes the operatic work, approaching the cliches of the opera universe.

Critical and Cathartic Teatro da PombaGira Opens MAQUINA (MACHINE)
June 10, 2022

Maquina (Machine) is an extended experience, an immersion outside the real time of the system, with a live and pulsating audience inside Teatro Mars. The production celebrates the thought of radical insurgencies of life, as the delusional power of bodies on stage, a way of surviving in favor of life, as only living bodies can de-mortify.

Musical BRENDA LEE E O PALACIO DAS PRINCESAS Tells the Story of the First Activist Who Founded the First Support House for People With HIV/AIDS in Brazil
June 7, 2022

Brenda Lee e o Palacio das Princesas is a musical that brings a bit of the history of Brenda Lee, called the “guardian angel of transvestites”, activist who founded the first support house for people with HIV/AIDS in Brazil. She has a pension for transvestites who, for the most part, live off prostitution. Despite the reality of violence in which they live, inside the house, the transvestites are welcomed by Brenda, who teaches them to want more out of life.

BWW Previews: Unequal lives Interperse in the New Musical EM ALGUM LUGAR ENTRE AS ESTRELAS (Somewhere Between the Stars)
June 3, 2022

With an independent production, the show written and directed by well-known names in Sao Paulo's musical theater opens at Espaço ao Cubo. Em Algum Lugar Entre as Estrelas (Somewhere Among the Stars) brings together stories from three characters about stories of love, escape and recognition. Among the conflicts, the perspective of a woman whose marriage was crossed by the military dictatorship, homosexual relationships in the 90s and current liquid loves.