Choo Choo Soul 2008

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This special version of Choo Choo Soul is available exclusively at and includes a bonus DVD with 11 videos. Join urban music sensation Genevieve Goings and her dancing engineer, DC, all aboard the Choo Choo Train for a musical adventure! As seen on Playhouse Disney, Choo Choo Soul makes learning fun for preschoolers and parents alike. Here's a preview of the 11 videos on Choo Choo Soul, all of which feature the kids, Genevieve and DC on a train with exciting animated backgrounds: "1, 2, 3": With DC's talented beatboxing leading the way, the Choo Choo Soul gang travels to the land of numbers and learns a dance step. "Jump Jump": Kids travel to the land where all things jump, with jumping animals, pogo sticks, and jump ropes. "Fly Birdy Fly": Genevieve and the kids travel to a place where they help a little birdy get the courage to fly. "ABC Gospel": Everybody travels to the alphabet land and Genevieve and the kids dance around and learn the letters. "Blue Zoo Train": Genevieve and the kids travel to the zoo where the animated animals come aboard and ride the train to fall asleep. "Polite": Genevieve teaches the kids how to be polite. "Do Your Own Dance": Genevieve and the kids find the rhythm to their own dance. "Steam Train": Genevieve and DC show the kids what makes the steam train work. "Bullet Train": Genevieve and the kids travel to Japan and take a ride on the super fast Bullet Train. "Animal Sounds": Genevieve and the kids learn what sounds the animals on the farm make. Label: Disney

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