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The 1980 hit comedy 9 to 5 from 20th Century Fox was Jane Fonda's first outing as both star and producer. Fonda saw herself as Judy Bernly, a meek housewife thrown into the secretarial pool of a massive urban firm. Lily Tomlin was the star s first choice for Violet Newstead, a secretary passed over one too many times by the sexist boss she trained (Dabney Coleman as Mr. Hart). And after hearing a Dolly Parton song on the radio, Fonda hired the vivacious country singer for her first acting role as the sassy secretary Dora Lee Rhodes. All three have been pushed passed their limits by their oppressive boss and first take their frustrations out through fantasy murders...but then find themselves in over their heads as one fantasy accidentally starts to play out. Hart ends up bound and gagged, with his secretaries becoming kidnappers to liberate their office. Few composers were better at playing this kind of cunning mischief than Charles Fox (all you need to hear is his score to Foul Play from two years earlier as proof). But first, the song: Dolly Parton also debuted as a film songwriter, with a soon-to-be classic tune that she d compose on the set. While I was watching the action, I used my acrylic nails for the rhythm to make the sound of a typewriter, Parton recalls. The song became a hit. Fox incorporated the upbeat, bluesy-pop feel of Parton s title song into his score, most notably in the triumphant newfound freedom of The Office Montage. And 9 to 5 s caper music is as suspenseful as it fun. In such cues as Violet Steals the Body and Violet Poisoned the Body, Fox engages in a playfully syncopated chase for horns, strings and a harpsichord as Violet tries to hide the seeming corpse of Mr. Hart. The strings of Ajax Warehouse swirl with dramatic import, while The Intruder stalks with menacing strings, pianos and flutes until the danger is revealed to be an ex husband. Fox s biggest challenge on 9 to 5 was scoring the secretaries murderously madcap fantasies. Judy s Fantasy is a wild percussive chase as she blasts the office apart while hunting down Hart. Dora Lee s Fantasy is a country hoedown for harmonica, guitar and a rollicking orchestra as she lassos Hart and roasts him on a spit. Fox later reprises this hogtying music when Dora Lee hoists her boss to the ceiling in Hart Tries To Escape, even turning his theme into a Fandango for Pillow Fight. But the most hilarious musical revenge accompanies Violet s Fantasy, as the Snow White secretary and her furry animated friends exact decidedly un-Disney-like revenge on Hart. After swinging from jolly brass to fife and drum, the speedy orchestra practically says, That s all folks as Hart is thrown out the window. Charles Fox is a composer greatly underrepresented on compact disc and it is with great pleasure that Intrada gives this score its premiere CD release, featuring the same contents as the original FOX LP, remastered for optimal sound. This release is limited to 3000 copies. Label: Intrada

The Drama Book Shop to Present A Conversation With Robert Viagas in October
by Chloe Rabinowitz - September 27, 2023

'Discover the insights and experiences of Robert Viagas, as he engages in a captivating conversation at the Drama Book Shop. Gain valuable knowledge about the world of theater and its impact on Broadway.'

Album Review: Jaime Lozano Sings & Plays With The Familia On SONGS BY AN IMMIGRANT Vol. 2
by Bobby Patrick - September 26, 2023

Jaime Lozano’s SONGS FROM AN IMMIGRANT Vol. 2, while leaning a bit to the long-ish side, bursts forth with energy and passion and is worth every minute.

Pontine Theatre to Host Chef & Author James Haller Next Month
by Blair Ingenthron - September 24, 2023

Join chef & author James Haller as he reads from his book and shares his culinary expertise at Pontine Theatre in Portsmouth, NH on October 7 and 8 @ 2pm.

Olivia Newton-John's 'Totally Hot' Celebrates 45th Anniversary With a Return to Vinyl and CD
by Michael Major - September 22, 2023

MCA/UMe is set to release both vinyl and CD editions of Dame Olivia Newton-John’s smash-hit, tenth studio album, 1978’s Totally Hot, a record that further reinforced her status as a surefire international superstar. In celebration of Newton-John’s first-ever platinum-certified album’s 45th anniversary, Totally Hot returns to vinyl.

Exclusive: SCROOGE: A CHRISTMAS CAROL Soundtrack to Be Released on Vinyl With Luke Evans, Jessie Buckley & More
by Michael Major - September 20, 2023

The album contains songs that are performed by the actors from the film including Luke Evans, Jessie Buckley, Fra Fee, Trevor Dion Nicholas and more.  Produced by Timeless Films in association with Axis Studios and directed by Stephen Donnelly, Charles Dickens’ ageless legend is reborn in this musical adaptation of the Christmas story.

Kevin Davis' ONE IN A MILLION MUSICAL To Be Published By Next Stage Press
by Chloe Rabinowitz - September 20, 2023

Discover the journey of Kevin Davis' One in a Million Musical as it finds a publisher in Next Stage Press. With its lively and faith-full storyline, this musical has gained acclaim through workshops, showcases, and even a film documentary. Get the inside scoop and learn how this exciting new musical is making waves in the industry.

HSMTMTS Star Joe Serafini & More to be Featured on Ben Ward's YOU AND I
by Chloe Rabinowitz - September 19, 2023

Ben Ward to release concept EP of new song cycle YOU AND I featuring HSMTMTS star Joe Serafini. Explore the paths of relationships through a contemporary pop-Broadway score.

Discover the Untold Story of Hercules Mulligan in a New Historical Fiction Novel
by Chloe Rabinowitz - September 19, 2023

Discover the captivating world of Hercules Mulligan in a new historical fiction novel. Uncover the thrilling adventures of the American Revolutionary War hero as he navigates the complexities of pre-Revolutionary society and becomes a crucial spy for the Sons of Liberty. I

Elizabeth Teeter To Star In New Studio Recording Of GRACE AND THE GHOST
by Chloe Rabinowitz - September 19, 2023

Elizabeth Teeter stars in concept recording of new musical GRACE AND THE GHOST by viral composers Anna DeNoia and Joshua Villa.

GUYS & DOLLS 2023 London Cast Recording to be Released This Month
by Chloe Rabinowitz - September 19, 2023

Broadway Records will release London’s Bridge Theatre cast recording of Guys & Dolls, available digitally on September 29, 2023.

'At Sea with Patrick Dennis- A Conversation with Bernie Ardia' is Coming to The Drama Bookshop
by Chloe Rabinowitz - September 18, 2023

Join Bernie Ardia at The Drama Bookshop on October 10 at 7:30 pm as he recounts the hilarious and outlandish escapades of friends Patrick Dennis, Walter Healy, and Robert Karr in Mexico. Get your tickets now!

Music Review: Sari Jordan Calls For An End To Hostilities Between… Us All, Really, With Her New Single, CEASEFIRE
by Bobby Patrick - September 18, 2023

CEASEFIRE is a beautiful if painful portrait of resolving conflict between people and the battle scars love can leave behind.

Guillermo Marigliano Releases New Book TANGO GUITAR METHOD
by Blair Ingenthron - September 17, 2023

Guillermo Marigliano, the renowned Argentine musician, educator, and composer, has announced the release of his latest masterpiece, the Tango Guitar Method. Published independently and available now, this book is set to revolutionize the way individuals learn to play the enchanting rhythms of Argentinian Tango music.

by Blair Ingenthron - September 17, 2023

Implementing Success: Strategies for Effective Caregiving and Care Support is a groundbreaking textbook providing evidence-based strategies for caregivers. Discover key topics like caregiver needs assessment, self-care, and preventing burnout. Improve caregiving practices and support the well-being of caregivers.

New Translation of SOPHOCLES - THREE PLAYS Released
by Blair Ingenthron - September 17, 2023

Discover 'Sophocles - Three Plays', a collection of two tragic and one comedic play by Sophocles, translated and directed by Gary Beck. Immerse yourself in the world of classic theater with Antigone, Electra, and the hilarious 'Searching Satyrs'.

St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church to Host Book Event with Author Joe Sexton And Actor/Narrator Dion Graham
by Blair Ingenthron - September 16, 2023

Join author Joe Sexton and actor/narrator Dion Graham at St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church in Brooklyn Heights on September 27 for a book event discussing 'The Lost Sons of Omaha.'

Vincenza Price Releases New Book HEAL: A POETRY COLLECTION
by Blair Ingenthron - September 16, 2023

Join Vincenza Price on a transformative journey through the pages of Heal: A Poetry Collection. Experience the resilience of the human spirit and the healing power of words.

Listen: Jaime Lozano & The Familia's New Album SONGS BY AN IMMIGRANT VOL. 2 Out Now
by Chloe Rabinowitz - September 15, 2023

Concord Theatricals Recordings has released Songs By An Immigrant Vol. 2, the highly anticipated sophomore album by Jaime Lozano & The Familia, on streaming and digital platforms worldwide.

Album Review: Extra! Extra! Read All About It! The WORLD PREMIER COMPLETE RECORDING OF OKLAHOMA! Is An H-I-T All Over Again!
by Bobby Patrick - September 15, 2023

Sinfonia of London is indeed an exciting super-orchestra and John Wilson & CO have polished a diamond of the American Musical Theatre to a high gloss

NEW YORK, NEW YORK Original Broadway Cast Recording to be Released on 2-Disc CD
by Chloe Rabinowitz - September 13, 2023

NEW YORK, NEW YORK's Original Broadway Cast Recording will be available on 2-disc CD on Friday, September 15.

Gail Merrifield Papp Will Discuss Her New Book with George C. Wolfe at Joe's Pub
by Nicole Rosky - September 12, 2023

More than half a century after the Public Theater opened its doors with Hair, Gail Merrifield Papp will speak for the first time about her vivid and fascinating behind-the scenes memoir, Public/Private: My Life with Joe Papp at The Public Theater. The event will be held on Monday, September 18 at 6pm at Joe’s Pub – the Public Theater venue named for Joseph Papp.

Album Review: Jeff Harnar Inspires Sighs Of Satisfaction With A COLLECTIVE CY
by Bobby Patrick - September 11, 2023

A COLLECTIVE CY is a gorgeous dream album of a recording that shows off Jeff Harnar's mad skills at cabaret storytelling and music making, both at the same time.

Author Damien Kane Rigden Unveils His Gripping Horror-Thriller Novel ALL MANNER OF BEAST & MAN
by Blair Ingenthron - September 10, 2023

Author and artist Damien Kane Rigden has revealed his latest literary masterpiece, All Manner of Beast & Man. This gripping horror-thriller novel takes readers on a spine-chilling journey through the intricate corridors of the human mind and the eerie landscapes of friendship under extraordinary circumstances.

Album Review: Barry's Boys Bring Back Beautiful Blends To Broadway On HARMONY'S New Cast Album
by Bobby Patrick - September 10, 2023

This recording checks our most important Broadway Album Box - one comes away from the first listening with a real sense of the show and its story.

by Chloe Rabinowitz - September 08, 2023

Discover the latest album release from JEFF HARNAR, 'CY COLEMAN.' Immerse yourself in the timeless melodies and unforgettable performances of this must-listen project. Get your copy today and experience the magic of CY COLEMAN's music brought to life by JEFF HARNAR and his extraordinary musical guests.

Listen: BAND GEEKS Studio Cast Recording Featuring Lindsay Mendez, Ruthie Ann Miles, Patti Murin & More Out Now
by Chloe Rabinowitz - September 08, 2023

Band Geeks: Original Studio Cast Recording has been released in digital and streaming formats! Listen now!

National Geographic Photo Expert And Author Kike Calvo Releases New Bilingual English-Spanish Children's Book - The Girl Who Planted A Forest
by A.A. Cristi - September 07, 2023

Kike Calvo has announced the release of his new children's book The Girl Who Planted a Forest.

Listen: HARMONY Cast Recording Out Now Featuring Sierra Boggess, Julie Benko & More
by Chloe Rabinowitz - September 05, 2023

Discover the captivating melodies of the HARMONY cast recording. Stream or download the soundtrack today and experience the magic of this extraordinary musical. Don't miss out on this incredible musical experience!

Tomás Pérez-Zafón Releases New Children's Middle Grade Book TROTTER AND THE TWINS: THE MAGIC OF IMAGINATION
by Blair Ingenthron - September 03, 2023

Tomás Pérez-Zafón has announced the release of the enchanting children's book, Trotter and the Twins: The Magic of Imagination. This heartwarming tale takes young readers on an extraordinary journey where the ordinary seamlessly blends with the fantastical, inviting them to explore the boundless realm of imagination.

JSP Records to Issue Judy Garland's 1952 NY Palace Closing Night
by Blair Ingenthron - September 03, 2023

JSP Records will release Judy Garland: The Two-A-Day Is Back In Town, Closing Night at the Palace, February 24, 1952, Garland's legendary closing night at the Palace in New York after her historic sold-out 19-week run, on October 6, 2023.

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