Malibu International Film Festival 2015 Unveils Full Lineup of Films & More

The 16th edition of Malibu International Film Festival presented by Yelp proudly unveils the full lineup of films and special events that kicks off December 3 at Regal Cinemas Malibu with Chip Croft's powerful documentary Lost Compassion followed by the Opening Night Party at Café Habana.

Malibu Film Festival's jury focuses on screening new, compelling, innovative short films from local, national and international emerging filmmakers in state of the art theatrical settings including theaters on the lot at Universal Studios on December 5. Malibu's 16th annual Festival will run from December 3 - December 6, 2015. The Festival will wrap up in style at The Sunset Malibu | Awards PARTY ON December 6. Malibu is one of the only festivals of its caliber to offer free tickets to attend all festival screenings. To RSVP for free screenings and to purchase party tickets go to the Festival's website.

Twitter Voting: Audience Choice Awards will be determined by Twitter votes. Audience members are encouraged to tweet the #hashtag for their favorite film @MalibuFilmFest. A list of #hashtags are available at the Festival's website.

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Complete list of films competing:

Opening Night Film

Lost Compassion - Chip Croft (Executive Producer) and Dr. Ronda Hampton (Producer) explore the story of Mitrice Richardson who went missing after being released from a Malibu jail in the middle of the night with no cell phone, no purse, no ID and no form of transportation. This film highlights the vitality of her life and probes the mysterious details surrounding her disappearance and ultimately her death. If you have information regarding the disappearance and death of Mitrice Richardson please contact the Crime Stoppers Hotline to leave an anonymous tip - 1800-222-TIPS (8477). The cities of Malibu, Calabasas and Agoura are offering a combined reward of $25,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those involved in the murder of Mitrice Richardson. Dir: Chip Croft. Prod: Chip Croft, Ronda Hampton. Scr: Chip Croft, Ronda Hampton.

Feature Film Showcase

Weepah Way For Now - Just before embarking on a multi-city concert tour, talented sisters Elle and Joy plan a going away party with family and friends. Over the course of a week in sun-dappled Laurel Canyon, divorced parents, former beaus, nagging business managers, and a variety of unexpected events derail their festive planning. When their guests finally arrive, the celebration the sisters had envisioned does not go at all as planned, with the party taking several strange turns that leave everyone unsettled. In Director Stephen Ringer's Weepah Way for Now, an unseen narrator and a gorgeous soundtrack help propel the story towards an end in which Elle and Joy resolve that they can only rely on each other. Dir: Stephen Pierce Ringer. Prod: Aly Michalka, AJ Michalka, Kerry Barden, Stephen Pierce Ringer. Scr: Stephen Pierce Ringer. Cast: Aly Michalka, AJ Michalka, Mimi Rogers, Amanda Crew, Madeline Zima, Liam Aiken, Dan Byrd, Jon Heder, Tyler Labine, Gale Harold, Ryan Donowho, Erin Cummings, and Gil Bellows. (USA)

Half Brothers - Two estranged American brothers meet in Saas-Fee, Switzerland to get to know one another. Cut off from distractions, their differences come to a head, "interfering" in their relationships, revealing the reality behind their personas. Dir: Christoph Lehmann. Prod: Niles Maxwell, Sasha Yelaun, Peter Wagner, Christoph Lehmann. Scr: Christoph Lehmann. Cast: Matt Smiley, Jurgen Prochnow, Derek Dean, Nadine Vinzens. (USA)

Documentary Selections

Harry & Snowman - Dutch immigrant, Harry deLeyer, journeyed to the United States after World War II and developed a transformative relationship with a broken down Amish plow horse he rescued off a slaughter truck bound for the glue factory. Harry paid eighty dollars for the horse and named him Snowman. In less than two years, Harry & Snowman went on to win the triple crown of show jumping, beating the nations BLUE BLOODS and they became famous and traveled around the world together. Their chance meeting at a Pennsylvania horse auction saved them both and crafted a friendship that lasted a lifetime. Eighty-six year old Harry tells their Cinderella love story firsthand, as he continues to train on today's show jumping circuit. Dir: Ron Davis. Prod: Ron Davis, Karin Reid Offield, Paul Blavin, Clay Westervelt, Nancy Knox Talcott. Cast: Harry deLeyer, Snowman. (USA)

??ina: That Which Feeds Us - The best-kept secret on Kaua'i isn't a secluded beach or local surf spot, it's that four of the world's largest chemical companies are using THE ISLAND as an open-air testing ground for pesticides on genetically modified crops. Dir: Josh Thome, Dave Mossop. Prod: Josh Thome, Dave Mossop, Melahnie Moodie, Malcom Sangster. Scr: Sabra Kauka, Josh Thome, Dave Mossop. CAST Sabra Kauka, Stacy Sproat-Beck, David Sproat, Kawika Winter, Don Heacok, Bob Yuhnke. (Canada)

Food For Thought, Food For Life - As farms have become supersized, our environment suffers and so does the quality of our food. Food for Thought, Food for Life explains the downsides of current agribusiness practices, and also introduces us to farmers, chefs, researchers, educators, and advocates who are providing solutions. The film is both poetic and practical; its powerful examination of the connections between our planet and our well-being is accompanied by specific strategies that protect both. With an eye towards a sustainable and abundant future, it offers inspiration for communities that are ready to make a difference. Dir: Susan Rockefeller. Prod: Susan Rockefeller, Beth Poague, Jackie French. Cast: Dan Barber, Wendell Berry, Ron Finley, Chef Michel Nischan, Stephen Ritz, Cheryl Rogowski, Eliot Coleman, Daphne Miller and Fred Kirschenmann. (USA)

Hush - Indo-Canadian director, Punam Kumar Gill, felt that questioning anything around abortion was a treason to her feminist identity. But when she heard that the health information being given to women was subject to the politics of the people involved, and that 50 million women worldwide could be affected annually, she determined to take an honest, scientific look, and trudge through the highly volatile and politicized information around abortions' long-term effects on women's health. What she discovers in the process is not just vital to the subject of abortion, but also critical to her own life, and integral to the ongoing progress of women everywhere. Dir: Punam Kumar Gill. Prod: Joses Martin. Scr: Punam Kumar Gill. (Canada)

Shorts Selections

The Red Thunder - Sarah, a nerdy teenager, steals her mom's brand new car to goon a date with Danny, the boy she is in love with. Little does she know the vehicle hides a secret that will change her life forever... Dir: Alvaro Ron. Prod: Alvaro Ron, Rosana Tomas, Greg Haggart. Scr: Rafael Alvarez, Clara Viola, Alvaro Ron. Cast: Allie Grant, Miles Heizer, Karen Strassman, Doug Olear. (Spain)

Universal Gentrification - Universal Gentrification is a short film that humorously imagines what would happen if aliens decided to gentrify planet Earth. Dir: The Perez Bros. Prod Carl Brown. Scr: The Perez Bros. Cast David Espinosa, Ashley Sullivan, Ross Turner, Greg Ayers. (USA)

The Best Driver In The County - A delicate game of cat and mouse based on Jack Richie's 1940's short story. While tending his garden one morning, Joe's tranquility is shattered by two escaped cons looking to steal his car to make their getaway. Violence is imminent. Dir: Marcus McCollum. Prod: John Nelson. Scr: Neal Foard. Cast: Chris Mulkey, Tara Buck, Jenica Bergere, Pam Cook. (USA)

Winter Light - When an aging college professor confronts two hunters trespassing on his property, he begins an escalating battle of wills that will test his faith in everything he holds dear. Adapted from a short story by acclaimed author James Lee Burke, Winter Light is a modern-day revisionist Western set in the frozen wilderness of Montana. Dir: Julian Higgins. Prod: Justin Allen, Julian Higgins, Josh Pence, Abigail Spencer. Scr: Wei-Ning Yu. Cast: Raymond J. Barry, Vincent Kartheiser, Q'orianka Kilcher, Josh Pence, Michael Bofshever.

Grand Chinatown Robbery - Young school friends Jack, Danny and Marty are on the way to a liquor store to commit a robbery. Marty has to make an emergency stop to vomit, and Jack fights Danny in power conflict. Unstable Marty wants to call it quits unless Jack tells him why are they doing the robbery, but Jack cannot answer him, and leads Marty to make up his own mind. Things do not go as planned as they discover another person in the store, a clerk's son. He manages to escape, and Jack chases after him, leaving Danny and Marty with the owner. Shang Lai escapes, but when Jack is back in the store, Danny is severely wounded. The store owner holds them at gun point but cannot kill the robbers. In the end, the guys are back in the car, without a clear direction of where they should go. Dir: Vladislav Nikitin. Prod: Vladislav Nikitin, Elizaveta Kuznetsova. Scr: Vladislav Nikitin. Cast: Ian Lerch, Alex Ribar, Jacob Garcher, Chayce Lee. (USA)

One Night In Hollywood - No matter how powerful you are in Hollywood, there's always someone more powerful than you that has your career in the palm of their hand. A satire about two Indie filmmakers who find the perfect investor for their film who only has one deal point - that they kill a studio executive that has crossed him. That doesn't seem to be a problem. But, agreeing on an ending to their film seems to be their biggest challenge. Dir: Sheri Sussman. Prod: Markus Reymann, Sheri Sussman. Scr: Sheri Sussman. Cast: Ian Buchanan; Markus Reymann; Rick Peters; Kyle Kaminsky. (USA)

Pony - Claudia, a hardworking single mom, has to go out of town on an important last minute business trip, forcing her to leave her 5 year old daughter Miko with uncle Jeff, a rock musician in his 50's who is still running on fumes of his GLORY days. Spending the weekend looking after a spirited 5 year old, Jeff must suspend his delusions of grandeur and face reality. Miko is the catalyst for him to re-evaluate his life and re-connect with the inspiration that originally led him to music and he is able to gently guide her to a nascent understanding of life's vicissitudes. Dir: Candice Carella. Prod: Candice Carella, MaryAnn Tanedo, Samuel Bayer, Xander Berkeley. SCR Candice Carella. Cast: Xander Berkeley, Miko Nakano, Suzy Nakamura. (USA)

The Dangle - The year is 1975, and Tom Ryder has made too many mistakes. This American spy is given one last chance in Moscow to prove his worth to the agency when Boss reluctantly assigns him a mission of the utmost importance. He must complete a routine exchange with a known enemy operative... But she is The Red Mantis, the world's greatest mercenary, and she has plans of her own. Agent Ryder stands before duty and redemption. Both are opportune. Both are necessary. He can only choose one. Dir: Michael E. Ravich. Prod: Michael E. Ravich, Victor Solis. Scr: Michael E. Ravich. Cast: James Liebman, Michael Keeley, Shannon Lee Clair. (USA)

Career Girl - We meet Monica, a beautiful young executive, preparing at home for the biggest meeting of her career. The following morning, she wakes up with a hilarious and impossible problem. She struggles desperately to find a way to make it to the meeting and save her career. Dir: Fortunato Procopio. Prod: Johanna Watts. Scr: Johanna Watts. Cast: Johanna Watts, Jon Huertas, Tava Smiley. (USA)

Whispers Among Wolves - Every Wednesday an alcoholic CEO and her long suffering PA sit down to business. But on this particular evening - secrets will be uncovered, old wounds reopened and their unique co-dependency will come under scrutiny. Dir: Kevin Lim. Prod: April Tafe. Scr: Kevin Lim. Cast: Sarah Aubrey, Matthew Backer. (International)

The Rat - The Rat is a tense thriller set in modern-day LA. This is a story of policemen seeking to catch a major drug dealer. It delivers an intense claustrophobic punch that will make you guess, and guess again. Dir: Vasily Chuprina. Prod: Vasily Chuprina, Svetlana Bondareva. Scr: Bill Sarre. Cast: Jonte LeGras, Joel Bryant, Allen Perada. (Netherlands)

Karma - Cunning Hou attracts customers to his auto repair shop by spreading nails on the road; But when he's confronted by a business-sawy monk, he finds that gose around might just come back round after all. DIR Sixing Su, Majun Chen. Prod: Shiting Sun, Bing Xiao. Scr: Sixing Su, Majun Chen. Cast: Junhan Chen, Feihuan Hao, Zexiang Mao, Ling Ling. (China)

Catching Fireflies - A cardboard house on the streets of a bustling downtown metropolitan city, little Isabella and her heroine addict mother, Sofia, strive to survive the woe's of skid-row. The creativity and artistry from Isabella proves to be a solid companion while dealing with a world full of darkness. Sofia's addiction leads to careless parenting and subjects her precious daughter to the demons and horrors of life on the streets. Not wanting to be left alone Isabella follows her mother thru dingy, needle INFESTED streets of harsh realities. An unexpected scenario forces a horror she may never overcome. A jolly stranger teaches Isabella how to make wishes come true. She hears something that wakes her in the night, investigates and is mesmerized by the beauty of mystic and wonder. Though the magical imagination of this child is so unconditionally whimsical, Sofia finds herself gripping the reality and consequences she has caused. Dir:Lee Whittaker. Prod: Lee Whittaker. Scr: Lee Whittaker. Cast: Gianna Gomez, Carlotta Elektra Bosch. (USA)

Monsters Of The Night - Eli is a happy kid until one night he starts receiving strange dark visitors that won't go away. His parents, who are concerned with their own problems, are too blinded to see what's really happening; They won't be ready to face the truth once it is revealed. Dir: Ruben Navarro. Prod: Ruben Navarro, MJ Caballero, Andrea la Mendola. Scr: G. G. Mingorance. Cast: Nicholas Neve, Maya Sayre, Burt Culver. (USA)

The Hook - Chris is an over-the-hill boxer happy to dwell on past glories. But one morning, a potential new recruit comes in that turns out to be his toughest challenge yet. Dir: Nick Flugge. Prod: Nick Flugge. Scr: Nick Flugge. Cast: Ed Caruana, Christopher Sciueref. (United Kingdom)

If One Plays Music - A '70s family is confused by a modern-day gift, or a MODERN FAMILY is obsessed with the '70s. Either way, it's a neat-o, retro comedy. Dir: Rob Hampton. Prod: Rob Hampton. Scr: Rob Hampton. Cast: Emily Hampton, LINDSAY Hampton, Mitch Caribou. (USA)

The Detectives Of Noir Town - In a town where people and puppets walk the streets, a puppet detective is on the case of his missing uncle. Though he has competition from every man, woman and dummy wanting to be named Noir Town's top detective. Dir: Andrew Chambers. Prod: Andrew Chambers, Paul Layton. Scr: Andrew Chambers, Paul Layton. Cast: David Collins, Zoe Carides, Nick Boshier, Anthony MacFarlane, Paul Layton. (Australia)

Deep Dance - A world without light, a world dominated by darkness and threatening silence. The deep sea. Driven by their instincts, we pursue two contradictory characters and witness a struggle for life and death. We become victims of the illusion of light. Dir: Marco Erbrich. Prod: Marco Erbrich, Cosima Degler, Julia Smola. Scr: Marco Erbrich. (Germany)

Wasted Beauty - At what point do you lose all hope? A beautiful young girl has lost everything And she has nothing except a dream. Through her eyes we see just how dangerous. A day of dreaming on the street of Hollywood can be. She is wasted beauty. Dir: Martin Paves. Prod: Eva Longoria, Andrew Napier, Bobbi Sue Luther, Brenden Hubbard, Catherine MacKinnon, Martin Paves. Scr: Martin Paves. Cast: Amber Zion, Evan Hart, Simon Kassianides. (USA)

Turkey - The story of one dysfunctional family's hilariously disastrous Thanksgiving get together, and proves that sometimes you find gratitude in the strangest of places. Dir: Erik Linthorst. Prod: Erik Linthorst. Scr: Erik Linthorst. Cast: Priscilla Barnes, Tim Haldeman, TW Leshner, Lora Plattner, Zena Gaynes, Christopher Carrington, Eva Fisher. (USA)

Jim & Helen Forever - When stagnation and a looming job opportunity threaten to separate David from his girlfriend, he's forced to make the decision of a lifetime: to lock down or let go. Under the dubious guidance of his married best friend, Pete, and his hastily engaged younger brother, Aaron, he embarks on a desperate search for the perfect engagement ring he's not even sure he should get. Dir: Jesse Zwick. Prod: Jed Rapp Goldstein, Sam Ritzenberg, Benjamin Lindemuth-McRobie, Petr Jankular. Scr: Jed Rapp Goldstein, Sam Ritzenberg. Cast: Lucas Neff, Caitlin Fitzgerald, Jeff Perry, Josh Brener, Echo Kellum, Katy Stoll. (USA)

Los Ninos Sicarios - Beto appears to be a normal American teenage boy. He lives in a U.S. suburb, plays football with friends, and rides bikes. However, underneath the exterior of 'normal' is a military trained assassin working for a Mexican drug cartel. His nice suburban home is actually a cell group of other teenage assassins just like him. They are given orders from higher ups in the Cartel and are to remain 'on call' for specific targets. Their job is to kill targets in the U.S. and Mexico. Depending on the target, payout is between $10,000 to $50,000 per kill. Based on real events, we follow Beto on one of his jobs and take a peek into the world of a teenage hitman. Dir: Rob Lambert. Prod: Rimrock Pictures. Scr: Rob Lambert. Cast: Roberto Cordero Jr., Janelle Marra, David Mendez, Daniel Rovira. (USA)

Simon - A man prepares for his final entry onto the grand stage, only to be confronted by his inner self. Simon is a genre-crossing, dizzying dive; an inside-outside passage through dance. Passage from the imaginary to the reality, from childhood to adulthood. No one is more alone than the actor who enters the stage. No one is more alone than the child who's about to join adulthood. And when the imaginary joins reality, the figure of childhood explodes. Dir: Camille de Galbert. Prod: Thibaut Estellon. Scr: Camille de Galbert. Cast: Simon Courchel. (USA)

Clown Nose Theory - It's the last meeting before the CEO of a Fortune 500 company makes the decision that will determine the future of his company. The 'bold new direction' his team presents seems like a slam dunk. A young executive, the lone voice of dissent, is ignored until he puts into practice a unique form of self-help that not only provokes thought, chaos, and confessions, but might also save the company. Dir: Ned Farr. Prod: Jack Rutkowski. Scr: Ned Farr. Cast: Deacon Conroy, Jeff Sugarman, Kathe Mazur, Shishir Kurup, William Charlton, Nick Stabile, Alice Reitveld. (USA)

Open 24 Hours - In the dead of night, Russell stops at a backwater convenience store to purchase gas and a pair of suspicious tools. He meets his match in Dixie, an overzealous checkout clerk who misinterprets Russell's dark motives at every turn or does she? Russell is forced to play into Dixie's eccentric whims, or risk drawing attention to the eerie rumble that pours from the trunk of his car. Dir: Henry Chaisson. Prod: Mike Makowsky. Scr: Mike Makowsky, Henry Chaisson. Cast: Dale Raoul, Chad Todhunter, Brad Leland. (USA)

The Anniversary - David and Meryl, two troubled parents, quarrel on the eve of an important anniversary. After months of severe strain on their relationship, Meryl makes a final attempt to connect with her wayward husband. Dir: Henry Chaisson. Prod: Mike Makowsky. Scr: Erich Von Heeder, Henry Chaisson. Cast: Andrew Sensenig, Elena Schuber, Morgan Rusler. (USA)

Into The Sand - A young man's encounter with a drowning fish sets off a series of bizarre events which force him to contemplate meaning in his life. Dir: Micah Gallagher. Prod: Micah Gallagher, Reid MacDonald. Scr: Micah Galllagher. Cast: Matthew Alan Brady, Hannah Mae Sturges. (USA)

Dissonance - A genius musician lives a lonely life in a surreal, floating world. He plays the piano every day in a gigantic concert hall, but there is nobody to listen. One day his animated world collapses and reality breaks out. The film seamlessly transforms from an animation into a live action drama, reflecting the journey from the psychotic mind of a poor street musician into the real world. He only has one wish: To play for his daughter, which he is not allowed to visit any more. Dir: Till Nowak. Prod: Till Nowak. Scr: Till Nowak. Cast: Roland Schupp (Piano-Man)?, Nina Petri (Mother)?, Hannah Heine (Daughter), ?Mirko Thiele (Narrator), ?Klaus Zehrfeld (Doctor). (Germany)

The Barry & Ro Show - Go behind-the-scenes in the swingin' 1970s with America's favorite show-business couple journeyman comedian Barry and his young, spitfire wife Ro as they navigate professional victories, emotional pratfalls and everything in between, while trying to keep their hit TV variety series on top and their marriage intact. Dir: Jordan Liebowitz. Prod: Todd Slawsby. Scr: Mike Olson, Michael Snyder. Cast: Jeff Richards, Whitney Rice, Earl Skakel, John Murray. (USA)

Roubado - Tells the story of Alain Castelo, an introverted Afro-Portuguese teen growing up in the south of France. As he suffers his parents' recent breakup, the only solace he can muster is his penchant for photography. When his mother's new live-in boyfriend crosses the line, his eyes are opened to the world and he can no longer hide behind the viewfinder of his vintage camera. Dir: Erica A. Watson. Prod: Tierney Young, Joshua Clark, Daniel Willis. SCR Erica A. Watson. CAST Darrell Lake, Jean-Pierre Vertus, Mickaëlle Bizet, Tiffany Tenille. (France)

The Melancholy Doorman - While going about his professional duties, a doorman discusses his struggles with depression, and finds hope in the origin stories of superheroes. Dir: Michael Greer. Prod: Michael Greer. Scr: Michael Greer. Cast: Brian MacDonald, Deborah Frost, Meghan Sinclair. (USA)

Sick To My Bones - Sick To My Bones is a post apocalyptic allegory set years in the future after climate change and war has ravished the Earth. It explores the relationship between good and evil as a winged warrior wakes up to find herself close to death and bound by chains to her demonic prisoner. Dir: Guy Davies, Nomattsland. Prod: Guy Davies, Matthew Brawley, Nomattsland. Scr: Nomattsland. Cast: Kristina Lao. (United Kingdom)

Ram's Horn - An overly confident mountain climber sets out to conquer the massive, curly-tipped mountain "Ram's Horn" for fame and glory, only to be thwarted by an unexpected rival-and its loveable offspring-who puts the mountaineer's priorities to the test. Dir: Jenna Hamzawi. Prod: Garrett Hoyos. Scr: Ethan Dean. Cast: BYU Center for Animation. (USA)

The Fake - A tight-fisted empty-nester sets out to get himself a fake ID in order to snag the senior discount. Dir: Jared Hillman, Matthew Helfgott. Prod: Elyse Rosenfield, Jared Hillman, Matthew Helfgott. SCR Ken Schefler. Cast: Warren Sweeney, Susan Grace, Natalie Lander, Rob Moore, Joey Luthman, Frank Gerrish, Kim Delgado, Gil Christner. (USA)

Switchman - A young hero stood up fights Dr. Evil Mantis, the only key to his success is to switch. Dir: Hsun-Chun Cguang & Shao Kuei Tong. Prod: Hsun-Chun Chuang. Scr: Hsun-Chun Chuang. (Taiwan)

Wrong Number - A man is about to put an end to his life when he is interrupted by a phone call. Dir: Ernesto Rivera-Machuca. Prod: Ernesto Rivera-Machuca. Scr: Ernesto Rivera-Machuca. Cast: Carlos H Hoeflich, Azucena Evans. (Mexico)

Hand Job: Portrait Of Male Hand Model - Hand Job offers an in-depth, behind-the scenes look into the grueling, high-stress, but often under-appreciated profession of male hand modeling. We follow renown hand model, Erik Thomas Layne, as he applies his well honed skills on set of a big-budget commercial production, and in the process, we gain great insight into the kind of man it takes to handle the pressures of such a demanding profession. Or, is it art? Dir: Josh Miller. Prod: Josh Miller. Scr: Josh Miller, Erich Thomas Lane. Cast: Erich Thomas Lane. (USA)

Schedule Of Events

Event: Opening Night Film "Lost Compassion"
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Regal Cinemas Malibu Twin
Address: 3822 Cross Creek Road, Malibu CA
Tickets: Free (RSVP Required)

Event: Opening Night Cocktail Party
Time: 9:30 PM
Location: Cafe Habana Malibu
Address: 3939 Cross Creek Rd. Malibu, CA
Price: $50

Saturday, December 5, 2015
Event: Film Screenings
Time: 12N - 830P
Location: Universal Studios
Theaters: 1, 2, 3
Tickets: Free (RSVP Required)

Sunday, December 6, 2015
Event: Awards Presentation & Cocktail Party
Time: 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Location: The Sunset Malibu
Address: 6800 Westward Beach Road Malibu, CA 90265
Price: $50

Pay-It-Forward: Text MALIBU to 50555 to support Malibu Film Festival.

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