Scoop: Food Network's May Highlights

Scoop: Food Network's May Highlights

Food Network kicks off May with exciting competitions and season premieres. Tyler Florence hits the road with stops across the country where he is bringing together three of a city's most talented chefs to battle it out for a chance to become the hometown champ in a new season of Bite Club, premiering Tuesday, May 7th at 10pm. Host Scott Conant and judges Jason Smith and Marcela Valladolid are putting nine top-of-the-line bakers to the test on a new season of Best Baker in Americabeginning Monday, May 13th at 9pm. Plus in primetime, don't miss new episodes of Bake You Rich, Beat Bobby Flay, Chopped, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Duff Takes the Cake, Guy's Grocery Games, Restaurant: Impossible, SPRING BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP and Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition. In daytime, catch the season premieres of Valerie's Home Cooking on Sunday, May 12th at 11am and Trisha's Southern Kitchenon Saturday, May 18th at 12pm, along with premieres of Barefoot Contessa: Cook Like a Pro, Girl Meets Farm, The Kitchen and The Pioneer Woman. Join the Food Network conversation on Facebook, Instagram,Twitter and Snapchat Discover.


Bake You Rich

  • Premiering Sunday, May 5th at 10pm- "A Star is Baked" - SEASON FINALE!

Tiramisu, stuffed chocolate cake, a southern staple and a Hungarian delicacy await Buddy Valastro and his advisors as they continue their search for the next nationally sold baked good. Size really does matter as these bakers consider changing the portion of their desserts for mass production. Such drastic changes, however, may force production to come to a screeching halt.

Online, learn more about Buddy and follow #BakeYouRich on our social media channels to learn Buddy's best cake decorating techniques and to watch behind-the-scenes challenges. Don't forget to weigh in on your favorite creations!

Beat Bobby Flay

  • Premiering Thursday, May 2nd at 10pm - "Pump It Up"

The laughs are flowing when comedian Tony Rock and jokester Alex Guarnaschelli heckle Bobby Flay in his own kitchen. Delaware chef Bill Clifton and Long Island's Stephan Bogardus compete for the last laugh.

  • Premiering Thursday, May 9th at 10pm - "Something's Fishy"

Chef and restaurateur Richard Blais and TV host Natalie Morales have their sights set on taking downBobby Flay. They bring in San Antonio's premiere Mexican chef Johnny Hernandez and skilled New Jersey chef Coby Farrow to kick Bobby out of his own kitchen.

  • Premiering Thursday, May 16th at 10pm - "Grapes of Wrath"

Chopped's Alex Guarnaschelli and Cake Boss Buddy Valastro don't sugarcoat their desire to take downBobby Flay. The princess of pastry Paulette Goto and sweet sensation Zac Young return for a chance at revenge.

  • Premiering Thursday, May 23rd at 10pm - "Flame-tastic"

Bobby Flay's good friends Michael Symon and Alex Guarnaschelli are back in the arena and looking to fire up a win. But before they can declare a new grill master, chefs Armando Litiatco and Mikala Brennan have to battle for a chance to smoke Bobby out.

  • Premiering Thursday, May 30th at 10pm - "Making Headlines"

The Today Show's Dylan Dreyer teams up with Chopped's Scott Conant to take down their friend Bobby Flay. Jamaican chef Patrick Simpson challenges Hawaiian chef Alvin Savella in an all-out battle of the islands.

Online, find out what it takes to Beat Bobby Flay, where Food Network's own chefs reveal the skills and tactics needed to defeat Bobby. You can also check out behind-the-scenes photos and videos, relive highlights, tour the set and much more. Join the conversation with #BeatBobbyFlay.

Best Baker in America - Premiering Monday, May 13th at 9pm - SEASON PREMIERE!

  • Premiering Monday, May 13th at 9pm - "Royal Cakes"

The competition begins with nine of America's top professional bakers. Host Scott Conant announces a royal baking theme and challenges the competitors to create perfect mini princess cakes. In the Master Challenge, the bakers have to create spectacular royal baby celebration cakes for 100 people using elderflower and lemon as the featured flavors. Judges Jason Smith, Marcela Valladolid and Zac Young deliberate, and one baker is eliminated.

  • Premiering Monday, May 20th at 9pm - "Surprise Desserts"

The theme is surprises, and the eight competitors are tasked with showing their mastery of molten lava cakes. In the Master Challenge, the bakers must create smashable desserts using meringue, sugar or chocolate and coconut as the featured flavor. Acclaimed pastry chef Sherry Yard joins judges Marcela Valladolid andJason Smith to decide which baker goes home.

  • Premiering Monday, May 27th at 9pm - "Summer Vacation Desserts"

The seven remaining bakers start out by making perfect floating island desserts. In the Master Challenge, hostScott Conant asks them to create a flaming bombe Alaska with mango as the featured flavor. ChocolatierValerie Gordon joins judges Jason Smith and Marcela Valladolid to deliberate and give one baker their marching orders.

Online, meet the newest batch of bakers and see photos of their creations. Plus, get Jason Smith's best baking tips, along with exclusive content from Jason, Scott Conant, Marcela Valladolid, and the guest judges. Follow the baking action using #BestBakerinAmerica.

Bite Club - Premiering Tuesday, May 7th at 10pm - SEASON PREMIERE!

Tyler Florence brings together three of a city's most talented chefs to battle it out in a restaurant none of them has ever cooked in before. To win the title of their city's Bite Club Champ, these competitors must impress Tyler and two other distinguished hometown chefs. In the first round, each competing chef chooses an ingredient that speaks to his or her culinary point of view, and then all three chefs must use the three ingredients in a winning dish. In the second round, the chefs cook with three ingredients representing the culinary characteristics of their city or region. Fierce competition, explosive rivalry and intense hometown pride all culminate in one chef being named the city's Bite Club Champ.

Online, get Tyler's best tips and tricks for his best recipes. Plus, follow #BiteClub on our social media channels to take Tyler's behind-the-scenes tours of the restaurants


  • Premiering Tuesday, May 7th at 9pm - "Brunch Brilliance"

The chefs set out to wow the judges with brunch meals that wake their palates. A classic brunch combination-turned ice cream flavor makes for a challenging first basket. A unique take on eggs keeps the brunch theme front-and-center in the entree round. The two chefs remaining in the dessert round then get to find out what goes into boozy cereal.

Host: Ted Allen Judges: Maneet Chauhan, Alex Guarnaschelli, Chris Santos

  • Premiering Tuesday, May 14th at 9pm - "Eat Your Veggies!"

Martha Stewart, the queen of farm-to-table cooking, is excited to judge a competition with gorgeous garden goodies in every basket. In the first round, the chefs find some impressive greens and a sweet treat with a good-for-you spin. Squash is the meatiest find in the second produce-packed basket. Will the chefs successfully make it a star on their plates? Finally, a puzzling dessert basket includes spinach as a savory surprise.

Host: Ted Allen Judges: Alex Guarnaschelli, Marcus Samuelsson, Martha Stewart

  • Premiering Tuesday, May 21st at 9pm - "Bacon, Burgers and Beer!"

In what may be the best Chopped competition theme ever, the chefs' baskets are packed with bacon, burgers and beer! In the bacon appetizer round, the competitors go in some inventive directions with their dishes, including pizza and poutine. Round two is an adrenaline-packed burger battle that has the chefs working with a fun take on onion rings. And the alliterative theme comes to its boozy conclusion in the dessert round, with beer boldly represented in the baskets.

Host: Ted Allen Judges: Maneet Chauhan, Angie Mar, Marcus Samuelsson

  • Premiering Tuesday May 28st at 9pm- "Dill Dilemma"

There's a flavor clash happening in the Chopped kitchen as the first basket challenges the chefs to come up with a yummy solution to a perplexing culinary puzzle that includes a dill pickle-flavored treat. A Midwestern casserole and some stunningly presented pork make for a grand entree basket, and as the clock winds down in the final round, a chef's injury puts their Gjetost cheese dessert in jeopardy.

Host: Ted Allen Judges: Jordan Andino, Amanda Freitag, Marc Murphy

Online, get to know the competitors, browse photos of the action, and watch video highlights. Tell us your ideas for cooking with the mystery basket ingredients using #Chopped.

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives & Triple D Nation

  • Premiering Friday, May 3rd at 9pm - "Burger and Breakfast"

On this trip, Guy Fieri's going from breakfast to burgers. In Vancouver, British Columbia, a pie shop bakes up both sweet and savory sensations. In Chico, Calif., a morning hot spot pumps up French toast and spices up potatoes, and a made-from-scratch spot in Richland, Wash., makes gangster gravlax and a burger topped with a twist.

  • Premiering Friday, May 10th at 9pm - "Not Your Everyday Eats"

Guy Fieri is hitting the road and taking a detour to find some out-of-the-ordinary eats. In Chico, Calif., a Hawaiian-Asian Fusion spot serves up righteous ramen and a fried chicken bao. In Vancouver, British Columbia, a funky joint puts their spin on lamb and pork belly. And in Richland, Wash., a bakery-gone-savory fires up duck banh mi and sweet potato lasagna.

  • Premiering Friday, May 17th at 9pm - "Triple D Nation: Chili Three Ways"

Guy Fieri crosses the border to Vancouver, British Columbia, to check in on an authentic Chinese place and see if their Thousand Chili Chicken is as spicy as it sounds. Then he heads south to Atlanta, where a couple of Texan twins are makin' out-of-bounds brisket chili and expanding all over the ATL. Finally, a sibling-run taqueria in Phoenix is churning out Mom's famous green chili and taking over the town.

  • Premiering Friday, May 24th at 9pm - "A World of Barbecue"

Guy Fieri's firing up an entire world of barbecue on this trip. In Wilmington, Del., a righteous spot is smokin' up chicken salad and off-the-chain chili. In San Diego, a real-deal joint is doing their 'cue with Argentinian flavor, and a traditional Hawaiian pig roast down in the ground in Kauai.

  • Premiering Friday, May 31st at 9pm- "Sausage, Shawarma and Scaloppini"

This trip, Guy Fieri's grabbing all kinds of grub, starting at a funky little Italian joint in Wilmington, Del., serving outrageous arancini and veal scaloppini. In San Diego, a Middle Eastern street food spot is slaying with shawarma and first-rate falafel. And in Vancouver, British Columbia, a not-your-typical pizza place is topping things off with lamb sausage and pig cheeks.

Online, go behind-the-scenes with Guy, check out full recipes and scan the best DINERS, DRIVE-INS AND DIVES across the country. Hop along for THE RIDE on Twitter with #DDD.

Duff Takes the Cake - Premieres Mondays at 10pm

Duff Goldman and his team of decorators, designers and builders work around the clock to make epic, show-stopping cakes for milestone events and parties for their social media followers. The team is then challenged with delivering these extra-special creations to a variety of venues and locations both on time and intact.

Online, learn all about Duff and follow #DuffTakestheCake to watch Duff take on some wild culinary challenges and get his advice for honing your cake baking skills.

Guy's Grocery Games

  • Premiering Wednesday, May 1st at 9pm -"Restaurant Teams"

Guy Fieri knows that there's nothing like the teamwork in a busy restaurant's kitchen, so he invites three teams of phenomenal chefs to represent their restaurants in Flavortown. In two action-packed rounds of games involving prix fixe menus and best-sellers, the chefs wow the judges with their teamwork and precision. In the end, only one restaurant team earns a shopping spree worth up to $20,000.

Host: Guy Fieri Judges: Michelle Bernstein, Brian Malarkey, Aaron May

  • Premiering Wednesday, May 8th at 9pm -"DDD Chefs and Their Moms"

Guy Fieri loves any excuse to bring chefs from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives to Flavortown, so he welcomes a few chefs and their moms for a Mother's Day competition. The DDD chefs are forced to watch as their mothers shop from the chefs' lists, and then the store closes as the chefs are in the middle of their shopping. In the end, one mother-chef duo wins up to $20,000 in a Flavortown shopping spree.

Host: Guy Fieri Judges: Damaris Phillips, Jet Tila, Michael Voltaggio

  • Premiering Wednesday, May 15th at 9pm -"Best Sandwiches!"

Flavortown has witnessed the creativity of countless chefs, and Guy Fieri wants to focus that creativity on one of his favorite foods: sandwiches! Guy brings four sandwich-making savants to Flavortown Market to test their skills between two slices of bread. Delicious deli meats, fancy condiments and artisan breads go flying as these sandwich superheroes make fried, international and stacked sandwich masterpieces. One will walk away the winner with up to $20,000 of dough.

Host: Guy Fieri Judges: Mark Anderson, Ryan Fey, Antonia Lofaso, Aarti Sequeira

  • Premiering Wednesday, May 22nd at 9pm -"All-Star Burgers"

The only thing better than a burger is a burger made by one of Flavortown's all-star chefs! Guy Fieri brings together four chefs to test their burger-making prowess in a patty-for-patty throwdown that includes an over-the-top burger and fries combo and a spicy burger. One all-star chef stands apart and gets a shot at up to $20,000.

Host: Guy Fieri Judges: Eric Greenspan, Troy Johnson, Jamika Pessoa

  • Premiering Wednesday, May 29th at 9pm- "Island Eats"

Guy Fieri has always loved island food, so he invites four island-born chefs to compete in Flavortown. First, he tests their shopping skills by having them shop with tiny bags for the ingredients to their signature seafood dishes. Then, a blind choice determines which canned ingredient they must feature in their comfort dishes. Finally, a roll of Guy's dice determines the parameters for the chefs' spicy chicken dinners before one island chef rides the wave to victory and shops Flavortown for up to $20,000.

Host: Guy Fieri Judges: Brian Malarkey, Jamika Pessoa and Carl Ruiz

Online, learn more about the judges, see photo highlights and test your knowledge of Flavortown Market. Fans can share which games are their favorite using #GroceryGames.

Restaurant: Impossible

  • Premiering Saturday, May 4th at 9pm- "Incredible Cafe"

When Robert Irvine arrives at the Incredible Cafe in San Diego, he finds a restaurant that is anything but incredible. THE KITCHEN is an abomination, and the woman who runs it is in crippling debt. It's up to Robert to reignite her passion or else the restaurant is doomed.

  • Premiering Saturday, May 11th at 9pm- "Copper Steer Steakhouse"

Robert Irvine arrives in the small, mining town of Safford, Ariz., to help turn things around at the Copper Steer Steakhouse. The restaurant was the dream of Parrish and Maureen, a deputy U.S. marshal and a judicial assistant, but it turned into a nightmare as they started losing money every month with no clue as to how to turn things around. It's wreaking havoc on the family, and Robert has his hands full to get things back on track.

Online, learn more about Robert and the restaurants that he transforms. Follow #RestaurantImpossible to go behind the scenes of the action with Robert.

Spring Baking Championship

  • Premiering Monday, May 6th at 9pm- "Mother's Day Party"- SEASON FINALE!

The pressure mounts in the Spring Baking Championship finale as the three remaining bakers celebrate Mother's Day. For cocktail hour, the competitors must make Mom two different baked items inspired by mai tais, mojitos or mimosas. Then they use flavors inspired by Mom's favorite coffee drinks to create cakes featuring their Mother's Day gifts, like an edible box filled with Mom's favorite candy. One baker wins the title of Spring Baking Champion and takes home the $25,000 prize.

Host: Clinton Kelly Judges: Nancy Fuller, Duff Goldman, Lorraine Pascale

Online, check out even more beautiful baked bites, tips and videos, as well as meet the contestants, check out competition highlights, and see behind-the-scenes photos. Viewers can stay connected between episodes and find edible works of art on Food Network's social platforms using #SpringBakingChampionship.

Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition

  • Premiering Sunday, May 5th at 9pm- "Celebrity: Take the Bait"

Chefs Anne Burrell and Tyler Florence plunge the celebrities into the deep end of THE KITCHEN by introducing them to fish. For the skill drill, the teams race to assemble sushi rolls off a speedy conveyor belt. For the main dish challenge, Anne and Tyler teach their recruits how to make fish tacos with homemade tortillas. It's rough waters for some of the celebrities, and the two with the worst dishes battle it out in the blind elimination challenge to determine who goes home.

  • Premiering Sunday, May 12th at 9pm- "Celebrity: Around the World in 60 Minutes"

The celebrity recruits are familiar with the finest foods the world has to offer, but now it's time to make some of them. First, they learn how to make Thai ice cream rolls and must create their own flavor profile. Then they depart for Spain, where chef mentors Anne Burrell and Tyler Florence teach them how to make paella. The two celebrities with the worst dishes must go head-to-head in the blind elimination challenge to determine whose trip will be cut short.

  • Premiering Sunday, May 19th at 9pm- "Celebrity: Waited on Hand and Foot"

The celebrities find boot camp transformed into an elegant cocktail party suitable for their refined tastes. While sipping on champagne and caviar-topped blinis, mentors Anne Burrell and Tyler Florence announce that the recruits each have to make their own champagne cocktail and a tray of blinis from scratch. Afterward, the tables are turned for these pampered celebrities when they must cater lunch for the entire Worst Cooks crew. The bottom two celebs battle it out in the blind elimination challenge for the chance to stay in the competition.

  • Premiering Sunday, May 26th at 9pm- "Celebrity: There's No "We" in Food"

The celebrity recruits are left to run free in boot camp, working in teams to recreate a dish from taste alone. Unbeknownst to them, though, chefs Anne Burrell and Tyler Florence are secretly watching their every move. Then the celebs battle it out in their toughest competition yet, a Chopped-style showdown to determine which two will make it to the finale.

Online, learn more about the famous faces competing for kitchen glory. Plus, browse photos from the challenges and take quizzes to improve your cooking. Follow #WorstCooks on our social channels to watch Tyler and Anne go head-to-head in fun challenges and see behind-the-scenes interviews with the recruits.


Barefoot Contessa: Cook Like A Pro

  • Premiering Sunday, May 5th at 11:30 am- "Cook Like a Pro: Tex-Mex Entertaining"

Ina Garten has all the bases covered when it comes to Tex-Mex entertaining. She makes a light and airy Tres Leches Cake with Berries and Make Ahead Whipped Cream, and her crowd-pleasing Pork Posole is a spicy, all-in-one main course piled high with fixings. Fiesta Corn and Avocado Salad is an easy first course that also works as a side dish or salsa. Finally, Ina raises her glass to cocktail hour with the fire and ice of frostyJalapeno Margaritas, shaken like a pro!

  • Premiering Sunday, May 12th at 11:30 am- "Cook Like a Pro: Portable Food"

It's food on the move with Ina Garten as she shares pro tips for perfect portable eats. She makes moist Lemon Poppy Seed Cake for an afternoon snack at work and Tomato Mozzarella Pan Bagnat -- a fantastic Provencal sandwich -- for lunch on the go. Charlie Bird's Farro Salad with Lemon Dressing is Ina's answer when the question is what to take to a potluck party, and her Fresh Blueberry Rhubarb Jam makes a sweet gift for any occasion.

  • Premiering Sunday, May 19th at 11:30 am- "Cook Like a Pro: Perfect Pastry"

Ina Garten shares tips and ideas for cooking with sweet, savory and even store-bought pastry. She starts with her foolproof Sweet Pastry Dough for a showstopping French Fig Tart. She uses a shortcut to make Spinach in Puff Pastry, and her Cacio e Pepe Cheese Puffs are irresistible appetizers. Ina finishes her pastry extravaganza with Warm Goat Cheese in Phyllo.

  • Premiering Sunday, May 26th at 11:30 am- "Cook Like a Pro: Good Grilling"

Ina Garten is fired up and sharing her advice for grilling and barbecuing like a pro. To start, hot coals work their magic on her Tuscan Grilled Cornish Hens, and she amps up the flavor on Foolproof Ribs with Barbecue Sauce. Her flame-grilled Smoky Eggplant Dip features yogurt and mint, and her husband Jeffrey can't resist her Grilled Oysters with Lemon Dill Butter.

Online, get Ina's top recipes and essential cooking tips. Share photos of your best kitchen creations inspired by Ina using #BarefootContessa.

Girl Meets Farm

  • Premiering Sunday, May 5th at 11am - "Taco Night Twist"

Molly Yeh treats her girlfriends to a taco night done Pizza Friday style! Her menu includes Taco Pizza Al Pastor with Tomatillo Salsa and Avocado Cucumber Salad served alongside Watermelon Agua Fresca. Of course, it wouldn't be taco night without tacos so she's making Chocolate-Covered Ice Cream Tacos to finish off the night.

Online, try all of Molly's recipes and watch video exclusives from her kitchen. Over on Food Network's Facebook and Instagram pages, hear from Molly and get an insider's look behind the scenes. Weigh in on your favorite dishes using #GirlMeetsFarm!

The Kitchen - Saturdays at 11am

  • Premiering Saturday, May 6th at 11am - "Kitchen Cantina"

The Kitchen is celebrating Cinco De Mayo with a menu full of dishes inspired by Mexican drinks. Sunny Anderson cooks up Michelada Steak Tacos with Cerveza Pico, and then Jeff Mauro and Geoffrey Zakarianshare two new ways to top tacos. Chef David Burtka stops by to spice things up with Ancho Chile Chocolate Cookies, and Jeff grills up some Paloma Chicken Wings. Katie Lee dishes out Horchata Rice Pudding for dessert, and expert Noah Chaimberg brings the heat with the hottest new trends in hot sauce.

Online, access all the co-hosts' cooking short-cuts, recipes and tips. Whether you need menu inspiration for an upcoming party or want to remake the ingredients already stowed in your pantry, has you covered. Also, bookmark new recipes and advice, browse behind-the-scenes photos, take audience polls and much more. Join the conversation in #TheKitchen.

The Pioneer Woman

  • Premiering Saturday, May 4th at 10am - "Freezer Food: Tex Mex"

Ree Drummond is cooking Tex-Mex marvels and filling the freezer with her family's favorites. She makes a big pot of Green Chile Pork Stew and a batch of Fiesta Mac and Cheese. Her All-Purpose Tex-Mex Veggieswill go in Soft Tacos, Veggie Taco Salad and Quick Quesadillas, and her Margarita Ice Cubes and Orange Simple Syrup make for an almost instant Blackberry Lime Margarita.

  • Premiering Saturday, May 11th at 10am - "Girls' Night In"

Ree Drummond is hosting a girls' night at the lodge, complete with a tasty spread of canapes and cocktails. She makes Citrus Shrimp Nachos and Zucchini Quinoa Cakes with Herbed Yogurt for dipping or topping. Then she riffs on her mom's party favorite with Slow Cooker Fondue and doubles down on the cheese with Goat Cheese Truffles. It wouldn't be a party without a cocktail, so Ree makes Butterfly Martinis.

  • Premiering Saturday, May 18th at 10am - "16- Minute Weeknight Dinners"

Ree Drummond is exploring 16-minute marvels with four awesome weeknight dinners cooked against the clock. She makes Pork Schnitzel Sandwiches topped with Warm Red Cabbage followed by a snappy Italian Sausage Pasta Skillet. Her spicy, stir-fried Kung Pao Cauliflower proves it's possible to entertain on weeknights, and super-fast Honey Garlic Shrimp Skewers with Garlic Spinach are perfect for a solo supper.

  • Premiering Saturday, May 25th at 10am - "Faster Pasta"

Ree Drummond is making pasta dishes in no time at all. She whips up Steakhouse Pasta with grilled steak, and her Lemon Pasta Pronto is scattered with glorious flecks of pink and green. Then Ree takes a walk on the pasta wild side with red wine in Drunken Spaghetti, and she makes Fried Pasta with farfalle.

Online, find all Ree's recipes, watch exclusive video tours of the Drummond ranch and town, peek inside her kitchen and watch full episodes. Join the conversation with #PioneerWoman.

Trisha's Southern Kitchen - Premiering Saturday, May 18th at 12pm - SEASON PREMIERE!

  • Premiering Saturday, May 18th at 12pm- "20th Anniversary at the Opry"

Trisha Yearwood celebrates her 20th year as the 20th female member of the Grand Ole Opry by cooking up riffs on her greatest culinary hits from the past two decades. Her menu includes Pepper Jack Cheese Straws,Twice-Cooked Smokey Maple Bacon Sweet Potatoes, Chicken Pot Pie Burgers and White Chocolate Peanut Butter Sweet and Saltines. While cooking up these modern takes on her classics, she flashes back to some of her favorite Opry moments and gives an exclusive behind-the-scenes look of her 20th anniversary celebration.

  • Premiering Saturday, May 25th at 12pm- "Grillin' and Chillin'"

Trisha Yearwood's nephew is coming in for a visit and is ready to chow down on a home-cooked barbecue meal. They have a great time catching up and chilling out with an old-fashioned menu that includes Bacon BBQ Nachos, BBQ Beef Brisket, Buttermilk Cheddar Corn Cakes, Crunchy Ranch Slaw and an Almond Camo Cake.

Online, find all Trisha's southern-style recipes, watch highlights from the show, tour her Nashville kitchen and go behind the scenes. Join the conversation on Twitter using #SouthernKitchen

Valerie's Home Cooking - Premiering Sunday, May 12th at 11am - SEASON PREMIERE!

  • Premiering Sunday, May 12th at 11am- "Honoring Nonnie"

Valerie Bertinelli has fond memories of learning how to cook from her beloved grandmother, Nonnie. She's celebrating that connection by preparing favorite dishes from childhood -- with a dash of her own personal style -- for her brother, David, and her nephew, Enzo. Valerie's menu includes Kale and Radicchio Salad,Mother's Lasagna and, for dessert, No-Churn Pistachio Gelato. She also makes a Raspberry Prosecco Cocktail for the grown-ups.

  • Premiering Sunday, May 19th at 11am- "All the Colors of the Rainbow"

Valerie Bertinelli is celebrating spring's colorful bounty by creating a visual feast that delights the senses and her guest, The Kitchen's Katie Lee. The menu includes Golden Raspberry Goat Cheese Crostini, Honey Roasted Rainbow Carrots, Purple and Green Kale Salad with Lemon Anchovy Vinaigrette and Purple Garlic Clove Chicken Thighs. Valerie and Katie sip Blood Orange Brown Derby cocktails and wrap up their meal withWhite Chocolate Bark with Pistachios and Dried Cranberries.

  • Premiering Sunday, May 26th at 11am- "One More Time, It's a Chicken Dinner"

Valerie Bertinelli is always looking for the latest and greatest ways to prepare and use grilled chicken. She's sharing her latest tricks for picture-perfect birds with recipes like Chicken Fried Rice, Marinated Grilled Chicken Breast with Arugula and Grilled Chicken Tamarind Soup. For dessert, she stays at the grill to makeGrilled Chocolate Angel Food Cake with Grilled Berries.

Online, get new recipes, browse photos and learn more about Valerie's favorite things. Join the conversation using #HomeCooking


Grilling Central is your ultimate summer destination. Whether you're throwing an outdoor barbecue or a casual weeknight meal, we've got recipes and tips to make this your best summer yet.

Memorial Day: Celebrate the unofficial start of summer with a Memorial Day feast of burgers, salads and patriotic desserts from Sunny Anderson, Guy Fieri, Bobby Flay.

Mother's Day: Treat Mom to a delicious breakfast or brunch this Mother's Day with favorite recipes fromGiada De Laurentiis and Trisha Yearwood. Plus, get 50 ideas for old-fashioned tea sandwiches perfect for a fancy tea, or 6 mom-approved floral cocktails for a fun, boozy brunch.

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