Interesting People.

On occasion I meet people who I find interesting (in a good way of course) and have a blast talking to them.

Picking their talented minds.

Listening to the honesty of Comedy, Drama and Life.

I have met many talented people in Buffalo, N.Y. and many of these interesting people have become friends.

In June I met Tim Joyce at a Play festival. What a cool and groovy dude.

Yeah. I am from the 70's.

Enjoy the interview!

MCL: When and where did you start acting?

TJ: I started acting in grade school but became encompassed by "The Love" in 1979

MCL: What made you want to be on stage?

TJ: Being the youngest in a family of 8 made me NEED to be onstage; Locally I was tremendously influenced by my College Acting Teachers at Buff State: Warren Enters, Don Savage, and Terry McDonald.

MCL: Best advice you were given you that you still use on stage?

TJ: The best advice I ever got was from Dennis McCarthy who at the time was the TD at Buff State but then became Dean of Arts ---"It is only a mistake if you let the audience know it was a mistake."

MCL: What roles turn you off and what kind do you look for?

TJ: I look specifically for roles, and hope for roles, that stretch my emotional range---so Bad Guys are always the best. As a playwright I can say the roles that have turned me off have been cliches, people who resort to the cheap laugh when the moment should be serious; and people who should have some humor but merely are tragic....I hate Didactic roles.

MCL: What role do you dream of playing and haven't?

TJ: I Dream of Playing Polonius in "Hamlet" and Prospero in the "Tempest", and Sir in "The Roar Of The Greasepaint-The Smell Of The Crowd.

MCL: What is the joy of being onstage all about?

TJ: The Joy of being onstage is that sense you experience when you as a character have connected emotionally with the audience.

MCL: Tell us about some of your favorite roles?

TJ: My favorite role ever is in a film called "Love Meet Hope" where I got to Co-Star with Ed Asner as his son. Working with a genuine genius, and seeing the generosity he works with, was so beautiful.

MCL: Do you want to repeat any of these roles?

TJ: I'll Repeat Any Role!!!

MCL: What's some advice for those new to acting?

TJ: People New To Acting? Simple. Take ANY ROLE you are offered and do all you can with it...Listen to the actors you admire and directors who challenge you, and NEVER be afraid to ask a question.

MCL: How would you describe Buffalo, New York Theater?

TJ: Buffalo Theatre (And I was in Chicago over 20 years and worked with Tina Fey and Steve Carrell) is incredibly underrated.

MCJ: What are some of the good and bad changes in local theater since you started?

TJ: The work you see here is spectacular, and the audiences are remarkable.

MCL: Please talk about your backstage fun.

TJ: Backstage Fun comes from the jokes...the loving taunting and zingers that actors throw at each other backstage.

MCL: Finally ... 2018 is only half gone. What's coming up I should have it on line by Thursday

TJ: 2018-19...Coming up for me? I will be shooting a film role in Chicago in September, and it looks like I will have my 6th play produced----But first in Buffalo!!!! This coming season...

OH!!!!!! For the 3rd year in a row I will be in Glasgow Headlining and teaching workshops at the Glasgow Comedy Festival!!!


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