Armitage - by Don Nigro

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Armitage by Don Nigro

Mystery / 6 m., 6 f. / Unit set / Zachary Pendragon rages among the tombstones of the family burial plot. Filled with hatred and waiting for him to die, his stepdaughter Margaret watches from their Gothic mansion in the east Ohio woods. So begins the dark and labyrinthine tale of a family with a complex and terrible history. Through Margaret's journal, Zach's memories, the batty poetry of Margaret's mother, and the memories of Zach's tormented son John, a Gothic tale woven back and forth in time and space emerges. It is a tale of desperate love and suspicious deaths, of desire, murder, madness, grief and terror. Having the richness and beauty of a complex Gothic novel or a Jacobean nightmare, this remarkable saga of happenings in the Pendragon mansion builds to a stunning conclusion that is guaranteed to surprise. Perhaps the most haunting of the author's cycle of Pendragon Plays, this mystery is both funny and grotesque, moving and hypnotic.

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Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.

Released: 2002

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