10 WAYS TO RUIN EVERYTHING to Open Next Month at Dad's Garage

Humans are dumb. Like, really dumb. No matter how smart we think we are, or how far we've come, we still make some unbelievably half-baked decisions. Dumb decisions can lead to failure and as anyone at Dad's Garage can tell you, Failure is Funny! 10 Ways to Ruin Everything is a Buzzfeed-esque listicle through the biggest blunders, boners, and cock-ups in modern human history (Note: There will be NO Titanic. Too easy!) From the Great Boston Molasses Flood of 1919 to the Caribbean island paradise of Martinique, where cats and snakes fight in the streets as a volcano destroys the oblivious townspeople, you'll discover that there is nothing more clickbait-y than our own seriously stupid history.

If you feel like society and politics are getting dumber by the minute, 10 Ways to Ruin Everything will remind you how far we have not come... at all. Today's presidential candidates may be face-palming goons, but so were George Washington (started two wars because he pretended to speak French), King Gustav of Sweden (his boondoggle boat sank within minutes because he cared more about carved mermaids than whether it could sail), and of course Napoleon (lesson learned: 380,000 soldiers dead means don't invade Russia in winter). So if you put history on a pedestal, 10 Ways to Ruin Everything will knock it right off and show you the stupidity of mankind throughout history.

Some of these stories are so crazy, you won't believe they are true. That's why this show features "The Truth Light" - when something is true and sounds like a joke, we'll shine the truth light down on all the ignorance. Napoleon ran out of water because he brought too much wine. How very French. Truth Light. On the island of Martinique, locals didn't heed the warnings of an imminent volcano eruption-including the lake starting to boil-and 30,000 people died. Truth Light. In the early 20th century you could only diagnose diabetes by tasting a patient's urine. Not a joke. Truth Light, people. We will shine the truth light on all the dumbest stuff people pulled off, and perhaps you can feel more upbeat about the foolishness in modern life.

Written by Perry Frost, one of the newest ensemble members at Dad's Garage, 10 Ways to Ruin Everything was inspired by her love of obscure history. The smart people in history get all the best stories, so she decided to give history's stooges some press. The jokes write themselves-that is, if you think people drowning in a wave of molasses is funny because they decided to dance in the sticky stuff rather than run for their lives. Historical plays are interesting and inspiring, but this one presents a more honest depiction of humanity.

Created by Perry Frost. Directed by Matt Horgan. Sponsored by Turner.


10 Ways to Ruin Everything

May 12 - June 4: Thurs, Fri, & Sat. at 8 pm

Tickets $10.50-$20.50 (Delta First Class reserved seats +$7)

May 12-Preview

May 13 (Friday the 13th!) - Opening

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