BWW Review: CANINES OF NEW YORK by Heather Weston for Dog Lovers and Many More

BWW Review: CANINES OF NEW YORK by Heather Weston for Dog Lovers and Many More

City dogs have a very special life and Canines of New York by Heather Weston is the perfect book to showcase some of New York City's furry friends. This stunning visual collection of over 500 full color photographs displays practical, pompous, and pretty pooches like never before.

Some of the dogs have more than one photo and all of them are presented with their names, the breed and, an occasional comment from their humans. The book is organized by boroughs, so you may just recognize one of the subjects in this wonderful collection the next time you take a stroll in the NYC neighborhoods.

You don't have to be a dog lover to appreciate Canines of New York (but it helps). Weston's photographs are so artistic that readers will simply love viewing them. We especially like that there's an eclectic mix of pups in this book. From small and large to young and old, the dogs are situated in some of their favorite places.

Here are just some of the dogs we enjoyed meeting:

Gibson is a Bernese Mountain Dog in Chelsea whose owner commented, "He doesn't know how big he is. And he gets super jealous."

Lincoln is a Shih Tzu from Snug Harbor. His owner said, "Confident, loyal, and super high-energy."

Gizmo is a Pug from the Bronx. His owner commented, "Although he is a Yankees fan, so far Gizmo has actually only been to a Mets game. He loves Bark at the Park."

Rocky is a proud Blue Nose Pit Bull from Dean Street in Brooklyn. His owner stated, "I spent five years looking for this guy. I went to every borough. I finally found him in Washington heights."

BWW Review: CANINES OF NEW YORK by Heather Weston for Dog Lovers and Many More

There are so many charismatic dogs. Asher and Ashby are Pembroke Welsh Corgis that can be seen at Madison Square Park. Rusty Jones is a Pomeranian who frequents Central Park. You'll like Butler, the Hungarian Vizsla, and Charlie, the Belgian Malinois who can be found in Prospect Park. Betty is a Shiba Inu from Long Island City. And Sketch is a mixed breed brindle from Downtown Brooklyn.

Share Heather Weston's remarkable doggy discoveries. Canines of New York makes an ideal gift. It's a book that will charm people of all ages and start many conversations about "man's best friend."

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About the Author

Heather Weston is a photographer whose most recent book is Made in Brooklyn: An Essential Guide to the Borough's Artisanal Food & Drink Makers. She lives with her husband and daughter in Brooklyn

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