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BWW Blog: Theatre, A Great Community

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BWW Blog: Theatre, A Great Community

In honour of 'one of the great ones', Nick Cordero

The Broadway shutdown doesn't really affect me the way it does Broadway-goers, Broadway workers and of course our Broadway stars. Although it doesn't affect me as directly as it does you. I feel the sadness of the shutdown just as much as you do.

The pandemic has caused many heart-breaking moments, from unemployment to thousands of deaths. People being away from people, isolation and loneliness. But despite all of the heartbreak and sadness in the world, I have never been more inspired and in-love with the theatre community. The pride I feel from inhouse performances, livestreams and of course Hamilton on Disney+ is amazing. Throughout the course of one week, I have thousands of musical related videos to watch and enjoy.

Speaking on behalf of theatre kids who don't have Disney+ or only get the chance to go to Broadway once in their life, these small little things are what makes the days easier and happier.

Personally, I am unable to have an out of this world Hamilton premiere because Disney+ isn't in my country, yet. But YouTube videos of casts singing together from across the world are available to me and those videos are pure joy and magic. Those videos encapsulate the magic of musical theatre. From a performance of "Thank U" by the cast of Jagged Little Pill to a performance of "Raise You Up" by the casts of Kinky Boots, all in their homes with their families, these videos are what the theatre are about. Bringing people together and giving joy and peace to them.

Obviously, many musicals and plays aren't necessarily happy-go lucky but seeing various cast members being able to sing and perform in their homes trying to give thanks to frontline workers, giving love to those who need it and just putting something out their for their fans - I can't help but smile and be proud of the community for standing together and rising as one with each other.

I think it is pretty awesome that so many theatre kids have found each other through TikTok. I mean, what do you expect theatre kids to do in a pandemic, on lockdown or in quarantine and oh so many musical number, musical classics and musical challenges. Forget hitting the woah and throwing it back or whatever the TikTok kids are doing, we have the best spins on TikTok trends that you have ever seen on TikTok. I honestly am surprised at how many TikToks there are for theatre kids.

So, to all the theatre kids, theatre-makers and potential theatre kids. Broadway may be shutdown, the West End may be closed and theatres may not be opening for some time but if I have learnt anything from being a theatre kid, it is that there is always a song that will be able to change a frown to a smile or tears of sorrow to tears of joy or even just crying to laughter. This pandemic has taken away jobs, theatre and social interaction but it has also given us beautiful cast performances, live productions filmed and shared for all of us to watch and enjoy as if we were there.

And as the Schuyler Sisters said:

Look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now.

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