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Allie Trimm

allietrimm Twitter 5/22 @ 2:39 PM
allietrimm - Just retraced my steps four blocks to see if I left my umbrella in a store only to realize it's literally keeping me dry. How's your Monday?
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allietrimm Twitter 5/10 @ 10:58 AM
allietrimm - Singing "We're All In This Together" in my head while waiting with strangers for literally any MTA train to arrive and be in service
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allietrimm Twitter 5/4 @ 2:59 PM
allietrimm - A kid at this park just called me "m'am". Little does he know I watched all of Girlboss in two days, I'm not a "m'am" yet
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allietrimm Twitter 1/28 @ 3:06 PM
allietrimm - Stuck at home with food poisoning but still trying to rep 13 for broadwaycon! Wish I could be there with you all to…
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