Now Playing Onstage in Madison - Week of 8/17/2014

August 17
10:00 AM 2014
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The Seagull in Broadway THE SEAGULL
American Players Theatre
It's tough to live up to your parents' expectations, and tougher when your mom is a famous - and very critical - actress. Such is the plight of Arkadina's son Konstantin as he tries to make his mark as a playwright, while holding on to Nina, the woman he loves. Artistic temperaments abound as Arkadina, her lover (the famous author, Trigorin) and the rest of the charismatic cast fall in and out of love and the limelight in this darkly funny comedy.
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The Doctor's Dilemma in Broadway THE DOCTOR'S DILEMMA
American Players Theatre
Dr. Ridgeon has developed a cure for tuberculosis. He's at the very top of his game - and his patient load - when the charming Jennifer Dubedat comes to him pleading for the life of her husband, the talent-rich (and penny-poor) artist, Louis. But the good doctor and his friends find that, talented though he may be, Louis may have some character traits that could be deemed irredeemable when one life is weighed against another, and against Dr. Ridgeon's feelings for the dying man's wife.
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Travesties in Broadway TRAVESTIES
American Players Theatre
Travesties is the funny, clever and generally mind-blowing proof of Tom Stoppard's genius.Henry Carr weaves a tale of the famous people he knew in his youth - from Dadaist Tristan Tzara, to writer James Joyce to Soviet revolutionary Vladimir Lenin - his past is a veritable who's who of artistic and political history. But as the years have passed, Carr's memories of his former cohorts have become muddled with his long-ago portrayal of Algernon in The Importance of Being Earnest, making the play and its characters an inalienable part of his reality.
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