Scoop: 1600 PENN on NBC - Thursday, March 7, 2013

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"1600 PENN"


03/07/2013 (09:31PM - 10:01PM) (Thursday) : SKIP PREPARES FOR A DATE- When Skip (Josh Gad) announces his big date with Stacey (guest star Susan Park), Emily (Jenna Elfman) takes it upon herself to make sure it goes off without a hitch. Meanwhile, Becca (Martha MacIsaac) and D.B. (guest star Robbie Amell) attempt to paint a mural for a special room. Elsewhere, Dale (Bill Pullman) and Xander (Benjamin Stockham) get wrapped up in a heated game of Risk. Amara Miller and Andre Holland also star. Susan Park and Robbie Amell guest star.

More On: Josh Gad, Jenna Elfman, Martha MacIsaac, Bill Pullman, Benjamin Stockham, Amara Miller, Andre Holland.

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