Musik & Film Productions Launch New Reality TV Show DO I HAVE A HIT SONG

Musik & Film Productions Launch New Reality TV Show DO I HAVE A HIT SONG

"Finally, a TV Show where the song takes the spotlight, and you are the judge."

Musik and Film Productions, in affiliation with IndiMusic TV, are launching the new series, "Do I Have a Hit Song" Fall 2014. The initial airing will be via IndiMusic TV, (which has over 800,000 viewers) as well as cable Partners globally. Snippets of the first show are now available on the show's website. DIHAHS features fresh, independent artists with original songs.

The luster may have faded from music talent shows since first becoming star-making public obsessions in the summer of 2002. For casual observers, it may look like one more trend moving towards obscurity. The fact is, it creates the perfect storm for a show that is the antithesis of pageant worthy styling and performances of familiar top 40 hits. "Do I Have a Hit Song" turns the 'live jukebox' concept on its ear, focusing squarely on emerging songwriting talent.

DIHAHS reinvigorates the experience by making it relevant to today's DIY zeitgeist and digitally-savvy audience. The world is mid-stream in a cultural evolution where music artists have challenged and changed obsolete industry constructs. Fans have shown a desire to participate in the careers of emerging artists. They've spoken with successful Kickstarter campaigns and a myriad of burgeoning local club scenes.

DIHAHS is a destination to discover original independent songwriters and Indie artists. Viewers will select their favorite songs online, voting through the show's website. Other web features include snippets of weekly episodes, artist bios, and how-to links for aspiring songwriters.

The premise of "Do I Have a Hit Song" is simple - a show where the song is in the spotlight and the viewers are the ultimate judging panel. The show will emotionally connect viewers to the search for the world's next great songwriters. DIHAHS will feature live venue performances and behind-the-scenes footage. One element will be segments that go behind the curtain and reveal the gritty realities facing original independent songwriters and musicians.