Ware Center to Screen THE INVISIBLE WOMAN with Ralph Fiennes, 3/3

Ware Center to Screen THE INVISIBLE WOMAN with Ralph Fiennes, 3/3

Ralph Fiennes directed and stars in this relatively Unknown tale of Charles Dickens - who at the height of his fame - enters into an affair with a young woman nearly thirty years his junior (Felicity Jones), an affair encouraged by her mother (played by Kristin Scott Thomas).

Ralph Fiennes shines as the most famous writer of his day, novelist Charles Dickens, who had a secret affair with 18-year-old actress Nelly Ternan. Dickens was 45 and at the top of his fame when he met the beautiful young actress, performing in a troupe with her sisters, and was immediately struck. Her pragmatic mother encouraged Nelly to welcome the interest of such a famous man, even if she can never become his wife. At first Nelly resists, but Dickens makes her the focus of his Passion and his muse, and they embark on an affair, lasting 13 years until his death, that must always remain secret, forcing Nelly to hide her deepest feelings in "invisibility."

The gorgeous period production perfectly captures the look of 19th Century England, which was fastidiously researched and recreated for the film. It also captures the repression of the Victorian era and its fear of scandal. Fiennes gives an energetic, theatrical performance as Dickens, larger than life, often performing for his many admirers, but emotionally isolated, cruel to the wife he no longer cares for (Joanna Scanlon), yearning for close companionship and understanding that he finds with Nelly. The insightful screenplay is by Abi Morgan (Shame, The Iron Lady).

"It is an amazing story. It is the story of this young woman who was taken up by Dickens,"

Claire Tomalin enthuses. Claire is the author of the book on which the film is based. "But still more fascinating was my discovery that when Dickens died, she reinvented herself. She turned herself into a lady and she presented herself as 10 Years younger. How extraordinary to be able to carry that off. What interested me is that she seemed to represent a whole lot of women in the 19th century who were hidden, who had these hidden lives. And that's why I called it 'The Invisible Woman'. Because Dickens had taught her how to deceive. Nelly rose up and wouldn't accept she was going to be hidden forever, and recreated herself."

"The Invisible Woman" was the official selection in the Telluride Film Festival 2013, Toronto International Film Festival 2013, and the New York Film Festival 2013.

The film will be shown at 5 & 7:30 p.m. at the Ware Center, 42 North Prince Street, Lancaster, PA on Monday, March 3. It is in English, runs 1 hour and 51 minutes and is rated "R".

Tickets: $7 general admission|$5 students and seniors. Call 717-872-3811 or 717-871-2308. Or, buy online at or in person at the Ware Center Box Office (42 N. Prince St., Lancaster) or the SMC Building on the MU Campus. If tickets are still available, tickets may be purchased on sale one hour prior to each performance.

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