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Leslie Caron On Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Judy Garland & More

Leslie Caron On Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Judy Garland & MoreIconic movie musical leading lady and acclaimed international performer Leslie Caron touches upon many of her experiences working with an astounding array of legendary stars as part of a new interview with Adryan Russ at Grace Notes (available in full here) in promotion of Caron's West Coast stint in SIX DANCE LESSONS IN SIX WEEKS.

Reflecting on Gene Kelly, whom she starred with in AN AMERICAN IN PARIS, Caron says, "He was a wonderful partner - strong, accurate, musical and an excellent choreographer. It was music that was new to me - I knew nothing about jazz, had never heard Gershwin, and I was thrilled to learn modern dance. He was a remarkable choreographer, and he knew what the camera could do."

Furthermore, commenting on Fred Astaire in comparison to Kelly, Caron relates, "Different personality, different style, but they were both remarkable dancers. Gene was mostly inspired by ballet; Fred did more of the dancing that men and women do after hours."

Additionally, speaking of her favorite film experiences, Caron vividly remembers, "I got to make an entire film with Cary Grant. And Fred and Gene I got to know well, too. I adored meeting Humphrey Bogart. I got only five unforgettable minutes with him! We were all there to see Judy Garland, who was doing a special show for sailors in training - in Long Beach, I think. A busload of Hollywood stars came, including Humphrey Bogart. We went to Judy's dressing room, and I was wearing demure gloves, which had three buttons. Humphrey Bogart undid the buttons on one glove, kissed my wrist, and said 'Why are you so cold to me, lovely lady?' I nearly fainted."

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