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Idina Menzel On FROZEN's Cross-Generational Appeal & Magical Powers


Idina Menzel On FROZEN's Cross-Generational Appeal & Magical PowersIdina Menzel addresses a wide range of amusing questions as part of a new interview, including the success of Disney's mega-hit animated movie musical FROZEN as well as what magical powers she herself would ideally like to possess if she was given the choice.

"My son was at a party and a bunch of little girls were there singing songs from FROZEN and he said, 'Oh, my mommy sings songs from FROZEN.' And they said, 'So do our mommies!'" Menzel shares with a boisterous laugh in regards to the cross-generational appeal of the animated musical smash.

As for what magical powers Elsa's human doppelganger wishes she could command, Menzel magnanimously shares, "If I could have one magical power... oh, I'm going to say two!"

Elaborating, Menzel says, "My first magical power would be to be the baby whisperer to get my son to go to sleep at night."

"And, my other one would be to rid the world of pain," Menzel concludes.

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