Security Conscious Law Firm Implements Metadact-e to Scrub Hidden Data in Emails Sent by Mobile Devices

Security Conscious Law Firm Implements Metadact-e to Scrub Hidden Data in Emails Sent by Mobile Devices

MCLEANSVILLE, NC - In a Litera case study released today, one of the most highly rated law firms in the oil and gas industry, Texas-based Cotton Bledsoe Tighe & Dawson, P.C., describes how it has ensured the safety of client confidential information sent by mobile and other devices with the implementation of Litera's Metadact®-e server-based metadata removal solution.

"Our firm serves clients in heavily regulated and extremely security sensitive industries," said Michael Hall, Operations Manager at Cotton Bledsoe. "We take the protection of client confidentiality very seriously and invest heavily in security technologies to ensure the safety of information, both inside the firm and when it travels beyond our firewall."

"We recognized the risks posed when users forward emails with attachments from their mobile devices," said Joe Hernandez, IT Director at Cotton Bledsoe. "We needed a solid, server-based solution that we could install quickly. It needed to automatically scrub metadata from all emails, with no user intervention required, and include a simple interface in the event users wanted to make any alterations to the defaults."

Metadact-e is fully integrated with the firm's DMS and can file directly to the iManage FileSite client matter workspace. It also runs invisible to the users so no training was required. Users have told Hernandez they like that their workflow is uninterrupted and they appreciate not having to spend their valuable time training on the software. 

Working to reduce financial risk and to protect companies' valuable data assets and reputation, Metadact-e is a patented, enterprise-grade, server-based metadata solution that previews, cleans and converts documents in Outlook, Web Access, tablets and smartphones, as well as desktop-based documents. Whether it is a Microsoft Office, PDF, image or ZIP file, Metadact-e will ensure that all metadata is removed, including hidden information such as Excel Formulas, PPT Notes, Comments, Embedded E-mails and PDF Properties, which are often the highest risk.