Marketing Driven eBook Portal Empowers Authors; Consumers Reap the Benefits

Marketing Driven eBook Portal Empowers Authors; Consumers Reap the Benefits

LOS GATOS, Calif., Nov. 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ Pledging to empower authors to break through the clutter of the vast eBook market, and vowing to deliver award-winning products to consumers at aggressive prices, BUNDLeBOOKS launched today with a compilation of five kids picture books priced at $6.99.

With the holidays fast approaching BUNDLeBOOKS offers prized and highly rated content including Lauren Lombardo's Dear Sun; Sue Ganz-Schmitt's The Princess and the Peanut; Sylvia Guerra's The Gentle Giant and two works from Harris Tobias: How the Cat Got Its Whiskers and At The Robot Zoo. The Kids Bundle #1 is available at through December 16, 2013.

BUNDLeBOOKS was founded by entrepreneurs with extensive digital distribution and physical goods sales backgrounds spanning decades of success. Their careers cover various vertical content driven channels including audio, video, PC/Mac software, eBooks and mobile applications. They also happen to like a good book.

With over two million eBooks currently available for download and the large majority of them available for $9.99 or less, newcomers and established authors alike are hard pressed to break through a cluttered market. Industry reports claim that little more than 1,000 titles sold more than 25,000 units in 2012.

BUNDLeBOOKS affords talented writers the chance to be seen across a marketing-driven, short term, high volume promotional burst and couples that exposure with a strong price point sure to attract large numbers of consumers seeking content for their eReaders, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.