Is Facebook the Third Wheel in Your Relationship? New Survey from Privacy Company Abine Says Yes

Is Facebook the Third Wheel in Your Relationship? New Survey from Privacy Company Abine Says Yes

A Valentine's Day survey conducted by Abine, Inc., the makers of DoNotTrackMe, found that, like a third wheel on your date night out, the Internet now has a front row seat to people's romantic lives.

"We all know love can make us a little crazy, so it's not surprising that people change their behavior and might go outside their typical comfort zones," said Sarah Downey, privacy analyst for Abine. The survey supports this risky behavior, showing:

  • More than one-third of people give their account usernames and passwords to the person they're dating
  • 40 percent of people have looked at their significant other's emails or other private messages
  • 30 percent have reviewed their partner's browsing history
  • 18 percent of people have either posted sexy pictures of themselves or details of romantic encounters online
  • 12 percent say they've posted "intimate details" about their relationship online

The survey also highlights that breaking up has become more complicated and often involves tying up loose ends online:

  • After a break-up, most people (63 percent) de-friend or block their exes on social media sites
  • Half of those surveyed will de-tag themselves in photos with their exes

Survey respondents indicated that Facebook is by far the most popular online platform for sharing intimate details about one's relationship: more than 50 percent of respondents post about their love lives on Facebook, while 37 percent share details on other social media sites, blogs and online dating sites. Of people who post about their love lives online, the most common thing to post is relationship status (80 percent). Roughly 62 percent post with whomthey're in a relationship, and 60 percent post pictures with that person. About one-third of people share their sexual orientation.