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American Retention Services - United States' Top Ranking Mortgage Compliance Service

December 13
11:29 2013
American Retention Services - United States' Top Ranking Mortgage Compliance Service

NEW YORK, Dec. 13, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ American Retention Services ( in association with the United States Mortgage Department is one of the nation's leading providers of real estate and mortgage compliance analysis and mortgage investigative solutions. American Retention Services publicly recognized for an event, which reached out to over several thousand homeowners in the United States. The event known as H.E.L.P., an acronym for Homeowner Education Loan Program, which took place in 37 states in the U.S., educated homeowners about bank practices and the benefits in usage of mortgage compliance analysis reports and investigative securitization and mortgage compliance analysis audits. Activities included an exploration of case studies showing errors in bank practices, discussion of unique claims brought against All Major Lenders and Servicers, as well as a question and answer session. American Retention Services again reaffirmed its commitment to making homeowners aware of their options related to dealing with their loan modification approval.

American Retention Services launched a new offering of educational products designed to provide guidance to professionals and property owners on how to use specific mortgage loan compliance audit reports to streamline open mortgage loan modification and/or loss mitigation cases for residential and commercial real estate transactions. According to the Limited Scope Electronic Examination Procedures published by Multistate Mortgage Committee (MMC) comprised of state regulator members of the Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS) and the American Association of Residential Mortgage Regulators (AARMR), the initiative is, "a simultaneous limited scope examination of twenty five Multistate Mortgage Entities (MMEs) using the same compliance analysis software applications." The procedures explain that examiners receive electronic data for loans from licensees and audit the loans with the software, without the immediate need for costly on-site examinations. So far, thirty-two states have collaborated in the examination process, which is enhanced through a variety of platforms used by numerous Corporations, including American Retention Services and the Financial Services Compliance Regulatory. Recognized nationally as one of America's most successful leading mortgage compliance enforcement watchdogs and mortgage report solutions analysts, American Retention Services has been the leader in the residential and commercial mortgage compliance analysis solutions providers, obtaining iconic credibility as a top-tier firm. After having launched a new offering of educational products designed to provide guidance to homeowners and commercial property owners, American Retention Services is in the Elite of American mortgage compliance analysis reporting agencies.

As a widely used resource for commercial real estate agents, as well as any exclusive compliance firm American Retention Services continues to promote industry-best practices by educating investors and their advisors about the benefits of auditing the loans associated with their investments.

Paul Ford, Chief Executive Officer and acting Vice-President - compliance at American Retention Services, commented on the process, "Our firm has been using compliance analysis in production for many years. In every electronic examination that has required us to submit loan-level data, Mortgage Compliance Analysis Reports originating from our firm has provided us with a simple and straightforward process to comply and to deliver the necessary information. has been a useful platform in ensuring quick turnaround and assistance in staying organized. It has made preparing for enforcement much easier and quicker."


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