Fitness Executive Ankur Garg Comments on Breakfast Study

Fitness Executive Ankur Garg Comments on Breakfast Study

A study published on July 22, 2013 by Harvard School of Public Health found that, contrary to popular belief, eating breakfast everyday does not lower the risk of heart attacks or heart disease. Ankur Garg, Chief Operating Officer of SHREDZ Supplements, recognizes that there are multiple factors that affect cardiovascular health. SHREDZ Supplements is the fastest growing name in the health and fitness industry and this study's findings support the company's belief that fitness is a lifestyle, rather than occasional changes to diet and exercise.

The University's studies concluded that men who skipped breakfast had 27 percent higher risk of having heart disease or a heart attack than those who ate breakfast. However, lower cardiovascular risk was also found in participants who self-reported eating fewer times a day and even skipping breakfast. The study concludes that consistent healthy diet is more important than the timing of meals.

Garg agrees with the findings and promotes small changes in aspects other than diet.

"Besides only a healthy breakfast, committing to nutrition, exercise and cutting out bad habits such as smoking and excessive drinking are much more effective methods of ensuring cardiovascular health. At SHREDZ Headquarters, we understand that adopting a few healthy choices here and there aren't beneficial in the long term. Our global fitness movement is meant to educate people and promote healthy choices."

Garg says that a healthy life begins with a healthy heart.

"Studies like this are important to the fitness community because they make people aware of the large impact of small changes. With trends like Fasted Cardio and intermittent fasting becoming more popular, the importance of consistent diet is often overlooked."

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