ABOUT: One of the oldest names in the business, Louis Vuitton got his start as a layetier (packer) to Napolean III’s wife, Empress Eugénie. After years of studying the foundation of voyage-friendly baggage, ... (read more...)

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5/27 @ 7:30 AM
louisvuitton - A scent as golden as the first light of day. Discover the collection of #LouisVuitton Fragrances now at… https://t.co/YeqbA5swL4
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5/27 @ 3:00 AM
louisvuitton - A gift that speaks to the heart. Discover the full collection of #LouisVuitton Fragrances now at… https://t.co/jSRFrpB8kn
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5/27 @ 1:00 AM
louisvuitton - Seven feminine fragrances that nourish both body and spirit. Explore the collection now at https://t.co/4XnTHFL09d… https://t.co/7Kl0mqmk9B
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