BIO: One of the most beloved and celebrated musical ambassadors of our time, soprano Renée Fleming captivates audiences with her sumptuous voice, consummate artistry, and compelling stage presence. Known a... (read more...)

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5/28 @ 9:56 AM
reneesmusings - Renée Fleming Newsletter - Tune in tonight to see Renée sing live in the National Memorial Day Concert on PBS!
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4/5 @ 3:38 PM
reneesmusings - Here's the scoop (with an Annie Leibovitz portrait, no less!) Lots ahead, including opera!
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3/24 @ 1:08 PM
reneesmusings - Tune in #Chicago, for @terrencehoward, Jessie Mueller, @JohnPrineMusic, @JussieSmollett, Michelle Williams, & more!
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