Sally Hayes Talks Benefits of Permanent Makeup

Sally Hayes Talks Benefits of Permanent Makeup

Women constantly question the results of permanent makeup.  Will they get the treat of a consistently natural-looking improved appearance which also saves them time and effort every day? Or will they wind up wearing scary looking results on their face which leave them feeling tricked, troubled, or maybe even traumatized?

“Women need to know bad permanent makeup isn’t a Halloween thing,” says expert artist Sally Hayes. “It’s an everyday occurrence. I have women coming to me 52 weeks a year from all over the country hoping I can magically fix their tattooed eyebrows, eyeliner, or lips botched by an poorly skilled provider. Depending on the severity of cases, I can do it sometimes. But often I have to recommend women for a series of laser treatments or even plastic surgery in certain circumstances before I can do their procedures properly.”

The permanent makeup industry is not regulated like many other industries. There are no uniform minimum requirements for training or standard testing of skills to pass. Certification in many cases is a credential which can simply be purchased with a credit card from an industry organization. Not all technicians are artists, and not all are qualified let alone being equal. Currently, the ultimate answer to the trick or treat question with permanent makeup today is the responsibility of the person seeking the service.

Hayes who has successfully performed tens of thousands of eyebrow tattoo, permanent eyeliner, and permanent lip makeup procedures since 1986, knows every woman can’t come to her offices in Scottsdale-Phoenix, New York City, Los Angeles, or Las Vegas. So, she regularly counsels women across America who contact her for professional advice.

“Permanent makeup makes it easy for any woman to look more beautiful and more youthful, and to save time and effort with her appearance every day. But just because the benefits of cosmetic tattooing are proven doesn't mean the skills and experience of every person offering the service are also proven. Don't take the process lightly and blindly assume the artist in the shopping center nearest your home or job will do a good job or even knows how to do a good job.