Lip Addyct™ and Lisa Wu Join Launch Signature Lipstick Line

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Lip Addyct™ and Lisa Wu Join Launch Signature Lipstick Line

Lip Addyct approached Lisa Wu about becoming the face of the brand, as founder Adrienne Owens has been a fan of the actress since her debut with the Real Housewives franchise in the fall of 2008. "Lisa embodies what I believe our 'Addycts' are – intelligent, beautiful women of elegance and sophistication," says Owens. "She's a go-getter and, like myself, a mother who continues to press forward and achieves the goals she's set for herself."     

Being a consummate entrepreneur, Lisa imagined the opportunity to add lipsticks to the Lip Addyct product offering and together, they developed Chameleon – a line that brings the same benefits found in the much-loved Lip Addyct lip gloss products to lipsticks.  "I'm proud to be launching my signature lipstick line Chameleon by Lisa Wu with Lip Addyct" says Ms. Wu.  "I chose Chameleon to symbolize the innate capability women have to gracefully transition from one role in their lives to another.  WithChameleon by Lisa Wu, they'll be able to wear my lipstick colors to reflect those various roles."

Current Addycts and those tempted to join the budding number of devotees are encouraged to visit and join the ever lengthening list to be among the first to purchase Chameleon by Lisa Wu. News of the Limited Addyction is spreading like wildfire – all desiring The Temptations should not hesitate and sign up today!


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