BWW Blog: Christian Whelan of Broadway-Bound FLASHDANCE - Equity Pancakes

BWW Blog: Christian Whelan of Broadway-Bound FLASHDANCE - Equity Pancakes

Question: What the hell are "EQUITY Pancakes"? Answer: "EP's" are any buttermilk, wholegrain or fruit & spice enhanced pancake products eaten by any proud member of AEA. Preferably consumed at night, after a show, and garnished with a salty sweet pork product on the side. (Bacon Forever!)

The search for the hottest and best Breakfast joints across America often begins and ends with the local stagehands and dressers. These mild mannered theatrical professionals not only bring their vast career expertise to the Broadway Tour houses across the country, but they often are the keepers of Pig Jackpots, local dives, and the best morning food eateries in town. It's like a theatrical version of the Food Networks, "Diners, Drive-thru's, & Dives!" And, minus the Guy!

Atlanta has no shortage of these swine influenced depots of paradise. There are 3 IATSE favorite joints that were flooded by Flashdancers this week:

The Flying Biscuit served up outrageous grits with a splash of cinnamon and over the moon apple butter. Complete with a sassy wait staff, the ambiance is just lite enough to make you wanna take flight with any Southern Flap Jack combination.

Babs was the second recommend on the list for Wednesday's morning delights. Just a few short blocks form the Fab Fox are some Fab Omelette choices from the wacky warmth of Lenny & Squiggy (stripper names, no doubt). These guys aren't short on conversation OR tasty fare for the late sleeping thespian. They're also loaded withy tips for sightseeing around the Atlanta Area.

And, finally, the mutha of all mutha's for Morning Food Glory... MARY MAC's Tea Room. They open early and stay late 'cause these folks rock with some hands down Southern Best. The polite demeanor and ernest hospitality of the staff is equaled only by the epic taste that only Hotlanta can serve up. It can be tough going for breakfast due to the additional off the hook menu choices for lunch and dinner. From thick cut bacon to incredible fried chicken, MM's packs a mean load of sides. Fried Okra and collard greens compliment the virtue of every choice. (my personal favorite..) But, don't be late or at the least, make plenty of time 'cause this hot spot can boast a long line.

Last night, I gave a back stage tour of the FOX to some friends and family who live right outside of Atlanta. My cousins Mary Ann & Paul have lived in Atlanta and have been coming to the FOX for 45 years. They had never been on the stage before. As we stood on the FLASHDANCE deck and looked out at the amazing interior and vast 4600 seats, I introduced
the space as i often do, "This is my Office"!