Wellness Advocate Ann Malkmus Releases UNRAVEL THE MYSTERY

Wellness Advocate Ann Malkmus Releases UNRAVEL THE MYSTERY

Health advocate, wellness coach and educator Ann Malkmus is marking the start of Cancer Prevention Month this February with the national release of her new book Unravel the Mystery, A Simple Effective Approach to Beating Cancer, a comprehensive guide to unconventional steps individuals can take to harness their bodies' natural healing abilities to fight the disease. The book is Malkmus' latest work that addresses both prevention and recovery of cancer which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cites as the second leading cause of death in the United States by integrating diet and lifestyle changes to complement traditional therapy. The book (1) pinpoints key toxins that promote cancer and the dietary and environmental steps to fight them; (2) outlines user-friendly steps to reduce risk; and (3) shares crucial information and actions that people with cancer and their caregivers can take to support their bodies while working with oncologists on the road to recovery. This month, Malkmus will donate 100 copies of the book's initial run to people fighting cancer and families in cancer treatment centers and support groups in her home state of North Carolina along with releasing a limited edition e-book at an introductory price of 99 cents to spread the knowledge and potentially help save the lives of millions.

"Where there is breath, there is hope," exhorts Malkmus. "When we harness the miraculous, self-healing power of our bodies through nutrition, simple lifestyle changes and detoxification we can and will experience renewed, vibrant health.

A "must read" for individuals with cancer or anyone who is supporting someone battling the disease, Unravel the Mystery demystifies today's leading research, answers key questions and most importantly lays out a clear guide to help people beat cancer.

Malkmus' book is much more than a diet and nutrition guide; it is an empowering tool that includes a cancer-recovery "checklist" list that individuals should incorporate in working proactively with their oncologists. It also recommends nutritionally powerful foods along with other effective methods to help create a healthy immune system.

A former college dean and current educator, wellness consultant and lecturer, Malkmus has managed health and wellness training programs reaching more than 10,000 individuals in one seminar, and impacting hundreds of thousands throughout the United States, Canada and Africa. She currently serves as the chief of education for The Hallelujah Diet! one of the country's leading health and wellness brands which has been proven to combat nutritional deficiency, reduce toxicity and improve overall health. Malkmus speaks at conferences and events throughout the world while sitting beside some of the world's leading cancer doctors, registered dieticians and nutritionists.

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