Britain's Celebrity Nutritionist Amanda Hamilton Announces UK Diet Craze, EAT, FAST, SLIM

Britain's Celebrity Nutritionist Amanda Hamilton Announces UK Diet Craze, EAT, FAST, SLIM

NEW YORK, July 2, 2013 - "The intermittent fasting trend began with body builders and professional trainers in America," says nutritionist, Amanda Hamilton. "Then trainers started using it with their celebrity clients. It went mainstream in Britain first, but it's picking up steam here in the States."

Eat, Fast, Slim is Hamilton's first solo book project. Her background as a well-established and award-winning broadcaster has given her a rare vantage in the health industry, which extends to working with the UK government and collaborating on high-profile projects across Europe. She is a thought-provoking, charming and articulate interviewee.

"What I love about fasting," writes Hamilton, "is its simplicity. It's much easier to watch the clock than count every calorie. In essence it is also a no-cost solution to a costly obesity problem. Perfect for today's climate."

Like most intermittent fasting plans, Eat, Fast, Slim gives dieters an option of fasting for 16 hours a day every day (effectively skipping either breakfast or dinner) or adopting a lifestyle pattern of fasting for two days a week and eating normally the rest of the week. Where Hamilton departs from convention is her nutrition-based approach, focusing just as much on what you do eat as when you don't. She also explains why men and women should fast a little differently, even detailing how the female cycle impacts on results.

Uniquely, Eat, Fast, Slim also explains how juice fasting is complimentary to intermittent fasting, sharing several of her startling case studies that first brought her fasting approach to light. Indeed, Hamilton's work with fasting was the subject of seven TV series shown in 22 countries around the world. The series rights were recently bought in the US.