BIO: “I have to make something that’s never been made before; have to make the best thing that I’ve ever done in my life - otherwise it gets stagnant or worse,” says producer/DJ Wolfgang Gartner. Whether o... (read more...)

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3/28 @ 7:50 PM
wolfganggartner - that is all for now. i'll come back on here when i have real information about this music and its release timeframe. but IT'S FINISHED.
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3/28 @ 7:48 PM
wolfganggartner - i've been off the internet a lot lately. this is my first tweet in 2 weeks. because I JUST FINISHED MY ALBUM I'VE BEEN WORKING ON FOR 2 YRS!
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3/3 @ 2:02 PM
wolfganggartner - this new Pitbull & Ne-Yo song has a really nice disco house / french house throwback vibe. the beat and Ne-Yo's hook at least. i dig it.
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