BIO: “I have to make something that’s never been made before; have to make the best thing that I’ve ever done in my life - otherwise it gets stagnant or worse,” says producer/DJ Wolfgang Gartner. Whether o... (read more...)

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10/6 @ 2:04 PM
wolfganggartner - “Those things you learn without joy you will forget easily.” -the enlightened nation of Finland. if only America subscribed.
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10/5 @ 2:37 PM
wolfganggartner - the wink emoji represents another larger body of work that i implied may follow soon after the single but i don't know if i can announce yet
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10/5 @ 2:36 PM
wolfganggartner - fiiiiiiinally i have a release date for new music i can stop all this cryptic shit! OCT 28TH new single coming out, and after that,....
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