WHITE IMAGINATION Exhibition Unveiled at Tokyo Designers Week 2013

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Samsun displayed "WHITE IMAGINATION", the breakthrough 3D projection mapping booth in each participant can take part on their own, for the purpose of conveying the attractiveness of GALAXY at TOKYO.


On Oct. 26 - Nov. 4, 2013 at the 'TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK,' one of the largest creative festivals in Japan where various product designs, interiors and architectures from around the world are showcased, the 'WHITE IMAGINATION EXHIBITION inspired by GALAXY' was held to express the world of the 'GALAXY J' and 'GALAXY Note 3' produced by Samsung Electronics, using the 3D projection mapping technique. At the booth, every visitor was able to experience the 3D projection mapping renditions created by 10 parties of avant-garde artists that represent the Japanese art scene of today.


Each visitor is handed a white mock-up of the 'GALAXY' and led inside the booth where the lighting is dimmed.

In the area, there are models of hands lined up. When the white mock-up is put into the palm of any of the hand models, an IC tag inside the mock-up responds, thereby projecting artistic images onto the mock-up to start the 3D projection mapping.

Every time a mock-up is placed inside one of the palms of the hands on display, a program commences, featuring 10 young, up-and-coming artists that are gaining global prominence, such as filmmaker TAKCOM and sculptor Kohei Nawa, to turn the 'GALAXY' into "a magic box that springs out images." Visitors are able to experience the highly realistic 3D projection mapping that provides life-like simulation of images as if they were actually jumping out of the smartphones right before their eyes.

After the viewing was over, visitors could move to a booth set up inside the exhibition space, where the previously viewed art work could be displayed on a touch panel, or receive a URL to download wall papers of the smartphones. Also, stickers featuring the images of the artistic works were available, so that viewers could bring home the experiences of the exhibition in the form of wallpapers and stickers.

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