The Mistake Room Presents Artist Oscar Murillo's DISTRIBUTION CENTER Today

The Mistake Room is pleased to inaugurate its program with an ambitious, newly commissioned, large-scale project by Colombia-born, London-based artist Oscar Murillo (b. 1986, Colombia).

Titled Distribution Center, Murillo's project for The Mistake Room approaches the site of its presentation as a physical and conceptual structure through which making is explored-as a practice and a form of work; as a process within and beyond aesthetics; and as a means of living. Using the 4,500 square foot former industrial warehouse that is now the organization's home as a work site over the span of a series of residency periods in Los Angeles, Murillo processed large amounts of materials that in recent years have come to anchor the visual language of his broader practice. Paper, canvases, wood, metals and other collected matter were treated through multiple processes of production-made susceptible to the environment of the unaltered warehouse; allowed to saturate with paint, pigment, dirt and other debris; cut and assembled into volumetric compositions; and utilized in their raw state to fabricate seemingly finished high-polish functional elements. Aided at times by local day laborers and collaborating carpenters and construction workers in Tijuana, Mexico, Murillo's intense work period gave way to a series of objects, both finished and unfinished, that come together in an installation that not only speaks to the possibility of object-hood existing as a complex condition of multiplicity, but that also unveils poignant relationships between art-making and economies driven and sustained by manual labor, industrial manufacturing and mass distribution.

A selection of the artist's videos, presented as large-scale projections, render labor as visual imagery, further blurring the boundary between aesthetic endeavors and everyday work. As a set of isolated tasks are executed by both bodies and machines, and a workday unfolds across the screen, attention is subtly draw to the embodied social interactions, cultural customs, and ways of living that making-as a chosen practice or economically determined profession-helps concretize across geographies.

Parallel to his exhibition project, Murillo will organize a lottery that builds on previous investigations of commodities and value through social and cultural experiences. A limited number of 50 tickets will be sold for a drawing that will take place near the closing of the show. The three prizes will be works produced on T-shirts--readily available, mass-produced garments, whose status and circulation are here radically transformed. For more information on the lottery draw, please contact

Oscar Murillo: Distribution Center is organized by The Mistake Room and curated by Cesar Garcia, The Mistake Room's Founding Director and Chief Curator.

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