The Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art Presents THE EMPIRE NEVER ENDED

The Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art Presents THE EMPIRE NEVER ENDED

It can be argued that author Philip K Dick (also called PKD) is one of the most influential authors of the 21st century. His works have inspired many films, music albums, artworks and even an opera. It's been forty years since Dick had a religious experience that led to several of his books. The Empire Never Ended features work by artists Prince Rama, Marc Bijl, Serge Onnen and Benny Sanders that are influenced and/or connected to the political and metaphysical themes in PKD's VALIS.

Please note: The hot tub portion of the exhibit is in operation tonight, is free, but you must be a member.

This exhibit was made possible by a grant from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts (Wynn Kramarsky Freedom of Artistic Expression Grant). Special thank you to Erik Davis of and Royal Spa of Indianapolis

We will be open our new hours of Thursday-Saturday 1-8 p.m.Admission is free.

The Empire Never Ended
February 7-April 12

Just in! Limited edition t-shirts from The Empire Never Endedexhibit featuring Dutch artist Marc Bijl's sculpture, PORN. Bijl's sculpture interacts with and counterbalances Robert Indiana's LOVE sculpture. PORN is the yin (referring to Yin and Yang) of the IMA's Robert Indiana LOVE sculpture. The piece references the duality theme running throughout PKD's VALIS. Bijl considers PORN a label for the spirit of the time, for the perversity of the current political and social processes, for the insistent, penetrating nature of fanatic messages.

Of course the t-shirt doesn't explain all that, so you will have to if you wear it to job interviews or on a visit with grandma. $25 on-line (e-mail: And $20 in person at iMOCA. Printed on American Apparel 50/50, men's and women's sizes.

If you are in New York this weekend, you can see more of Bijl's work in The Armory Show, March 6-9, Booth 851. Represented by Upstream Gallery.

About Marc Bijl: Bijl lives and works in Berlin. His works are based upon social issues and their use of symbols and rules. This can result in interventions in the public space, sculptures or installations that undermine or underline this perception of the world. For more information click here.

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