THE KISS by Gustav Klimt Named Most Romantic Oil Painting for Valentine's Day 2013

THE KISS by Gustav Klimt Named Most Romantic Oil Painting for Valentine's Day 2013

The popular online art gallery, published today its annual Top 10 list of most romantic oil paintings for Valentine's Day. Topping the chart for the third year in a row is Gustav Klimt's sensual masterpiece "The Kiss." Other artists named on the 2013 Valentine's Day Top 10 Romantic Oil Paintings list include Paul Gauguin, Martin Johnson Heade, Edward Hopper, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, John Singer Sargent, and Egon Schiele.

The 2013 Top 10 Romantic Oil Paintings according to's statistics are:
1. "The Kiss," Gustav Klimt
2. "Star Dancer," Edgar Degas
3. "Summer Evening," Edward Hopper
4. "The Artist's Wife," Egon Schiele
5. "When Will you Marry?," Paul Gauguin
6. "Dance in the City," Pierre-Auguste Renoir
7. "Yellow Daisies in a Bowl," Martin Johnson Heade
8. "Boating on the Seine," Pierre-Auguste Renoir
9. "Fulfillment (The Embrace)," Gustav Klimt
10. "Street in Venice," John Singer Sargent

More than 3,200,000 page views to's Romantic Art Gallery in the past year were tracked. According to the click tracking, "The Kiss," was the most sought after painting clicked at nearly 10 percent, and Edgar Degas's "Star Dancer" came in a distant second, garnering three percent of the clicks to grab.

"The Kiss" was painted by the Viennese master in 1907. A moment of sheer passion surrounded by a gold blanket and ornaments is seen by observers. A kneeling woman is held by a standing man in a field of flowers, creating a passionate scene between the two. Some say that the two subjects are actually Klimt and his partner, Emilie Floge, but this is speculation because Klimt never painted himself.