New Exhibits Coming to Howard County Arts Council in January

The Howard County Arts Council announces two new exhibits in the galleries at the Howard County Center for the Arts. In Digital Disclosure: UMBC Faculty Perspectives, three UMBC art faculty members - Vin Grabill, Neal McDonald, and Steven Silberg - achieve creative expression via modern digital technologies. Grabill started out as a painter and now uses video to "paint in time", yet keeps his attachment to the static image with digital prints related to his videos. McDonald explores the process of drawing and traditional printmaking by writing a series of computer programs that interpret photographic data into unique, generated prints. Finally, the pixel is Silberg's primary tool, which he uses to explore photography, video, and movement, one pixel at a time.

Ordinary Woman, curated by HCAC resident artist Diana Marta, is a collaboration of fifteen artists exploring the personae of 'ordinary' women. In addition to Marta, the featured artists are Kelly Martin Broderick, Nicole Buckingham, Deborah Ciccarelli, Oletha DeVane, Lorraine Imwold, Tiffany Jones, Sharon Lee Minor, Mary Deacon Opasik, Ginger Peloquin, Suzanne Herbert-Forton, Susan Stockman, Jessica Marie Walton, Sarah Wegner, and Adam Bradley. Using a vintage mannequin named Evelyn Everywoman as the blank canvas of an "ordinary" woman, the artists employed their respective media and individual styles to craft garments, creating a wardrobe of sorts for Miss Evelyn. The diverse media used spans traditional fabric and fiber art to metal, mosaic plaster, and vines. The garments will be accompanied by the artists' self-portraits. Check out Ordinary Woman's progress at or

The exhibits will be on display from January 10 through February 21, 2014. A reception for both exhibits will be held on Friday, January 24, from 6-8PM and will feature a pARTners in ART networking event in conjunction with Howard County Tourism and Promotion.

Gallery hours are Monday through Friday 10AM-8PM, Saturday 10AM-4PM, and Sunday 12-4PM. To learn more about HCAC programs and exhibits, call 410-313-ARTS (2787) or visit

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