Met Museum Presents The Met Reframed - DJ Spooky in Residence in the 2012-13 Season

August 13
11:23 2012
Met Museum Presents The Met Reframed - DJ Spooky in Residence in the 2012-13 Season

The Met Reframed, an unprecedented Metropolitan Museum artist residency, breaks new ground as a collaboration between artist and institution. The Met's Limor Tomer, General Manager of Concerts & Lectures, conceived this year-long association as an opportunity to engage the curiosity and talents of the composer, multimedia artist, and writer, Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid with the extensive artistic and human resources of the Museum to create both new work and dialogues between artists, scholars, curators, and museum visitors.

When speaking at the press conference announcing the first season of Met Museum Presents, the Museum's newly renamed series of performances and talks of which The Met Reframed is a centerpiece, Paul Miller put it this way: "The role of the museum as preserving history vs. the idea of the artist as someone who interrogates history is going to be one of the themes for the residency. We'll be playing with this idea of playfulness in its own right, and above all thinking about applying this notion of musicality to the physical space of the museum...reframing the idea of what a museum does to art."

From October 2012 through June 2013, Paul Miller will engage with a wide variety of audiences at the Met. In addition to headlining five major performances, he will host events for audiences including New York City public school teachers, artists, Met Museum curators and educators, and the general public. Among the performance events are a newly commissioned work inspired by and incorporating images from the upcoming exhibition Photography and the American Civil War; a concert inspired by Oceania's musical legacy; a performance of DJ Spooky's original re-score to the Korean film Madame Freedom with a film screening; and a participatory concert using DJ Spooky's iPhone/iPad app.



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