Celebrate Valentine's Day at the Museum of Sex Today

Celebrate Valentine's Day at the Museum of Sex Today

Today, February 14th, the Museum of Sex will extend its opening hours from 10:00am to 10:00pm, with the last ticket sold at 9:15pm. With each admission, visitors will receive a Valentine's Day gift kit filled with unique goodie items.

After exploring the Museum's four exhibitions, guests can visit the MoSEX Store and try their luck at spinning the giant MoSEX Prize Wheel which will feature exciting gifts ranging from sex toys, theater tickets, and even MoSEX cash. The store also features a large selection of Valentine's Day gifts including a titillating collection of FUN FACTORY adult toys, beautiful art books, sensuous TCHO chocolate gift boxes, his and hers sex kits, and exciting erotic games for lovers. Complete the store experience by heading to the MoSEX photo booth to snap some playful pictures.

Patrons feeling hungry and thirsty after all that excitement can head downstairs to the cozy Bar at the Museum of Sex. While listening to sexy music, guests can indulged their taste buds as they enjoy special Valentine's sparkling infused cotton candy cocktails, various 'sensational' aphrodisiac inspired drinks and punches, and delicious sweets and savories.

The products offered in the Mosex store and at the museum's online store, blur the distinctions between form and function and art and apparel, demonstrating how sex and sexuality have come to influence all facets of design. The museum store features an array of products that make perfect Valentine's Day gifts from sexy handcuffs to Kama Sutra oils, beautiful art books, handmade artworks and other great products that explore all aspects of human sexuality. The store also features a selection of condoms and lubricants, MoSEX arousal Pills, fetish kits, and apparel.

Offering a menu of sensually stimulating cocktails and snacks, the bar on the lower level of the Museum of Sex is a hidden gem. Informed by a history of aphrodisiacs, the bar is an exotic collection of personalities and tastes, all exploring the relationship between food and sex. Stop in to enjoy a refreshing drink or bite.

Universe of Desire
Type. Swipe. Search. Upload. Download. Post. Stream. These are the new verbs of desire. Our most intimate thoughts, fantasies, and urges are now transmitted via electronic devices to rapt audiences all over the world. These transmissions-from sexts to personal webcam feeds-are anonymous yet personal, individual yet collective, everywhere and nowhere, and they are contributing to the largest sexual record to date. In short, desire has gone viral. But what does this mean? And what does it reveal about us? This exhibition explores these very questions through a lens of digital experiences by examining what we are searching for, how we do it, and what we leave behind on these electronic devices. In piecing this together, we begin to expose staggering truths about who we are and how we interact in this ever-changing world of modern sexuality. Universe of Desire is an exhibition about human desire as seen through the lens of digital behaviors.