A24 Media and IBM Present 'The World is Our Lab' Photo Competition

NAIROBI, Kenya, December 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/

IBM, A24Media, iHub and photographer Mutua Matheka have launched a photo competition entitled 'The World is Our Lab' which invites people of all abilities to capture visual stories of various aspects of life in Africa through the lens of a camera. As a leading content provider of African content, A24 Media is proud to be associated with IBM to give an opportunity to photographers from across the continent to showcase their talents and ideas as Salim Amin, co-founder and chairman of A24 Media, joins the panel of judges.

This contest marks the celebration of the launch of IBM's 12th global lab in Nairobi on November 8th - the first commercial technology research facility inAfrica. The lab, situated at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, brings together scientists and research engineers from some of the world's best universities; most from the African diaspora, to develop solutions to Africa's grand challenges and to drive innovation in Africa, for our continent and the world.

The 'World is Our Lab' competition will run for three months, with winners being announced in February 2014. Entries are invited from all over Africa, and will fall into three main categories:African Grand Challenges,African City SystemsandAfrican Innovation.

Whether images are captured on a camera phone or professional camera, participants have the chance to win a visit to IBM's new research lab in Nairobi and receive a photography workshop. Judges will be looking for photos that express how people living in Africa manage their energy or water needs, how they commute, how cities live and breathe, and how people come up with innovative solutions to address their needs and create new opportunities.

The contest is now live and people are already uploading, commenting and talking on their social media channels. To enter or comment go to: http://www.theworldisourlabafrica.com/, and to follow the trend on Twitter: #IBMRESEARCHAFRICA

Join this flourishing laboratory of African dreams!

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Angellah Khamala
Assignment Desk Editor - A24 Media

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