No Peeking to Stage Blind Sensory Horror Story, MOTHER LEEDS

No Peeking to Stage Blind Sensory Horror Story, MOTHER LEEDS

MOTHER LEEDS is a story that places the audience in the immersive role of Sam, who is the 12th child of 13 to the stern, on-edge, and frightening character of Mother Leeds. Sam discovers and meets his estranged 13th sibling; a younger brother, who, for some reason is locked away from the rest of the family.

The story takes place during the course of three pivotal days in the life of a religious, ostracized family in the care of a single mother of the early 1900's in New Jersey's legendary Pine Barrens. This sensory experience places us in the shoes of a child, riddled with curiosity and fear.

No Peeking Theatre creates a new and innovative format of theatre that is changing how audiences experience live arts.

No Peeking, founded in 2012, presents experimental theater that is sensory, experiential, and 'blind'. Audience members are given blindfolds to wear and as they listen and sense the movements of the actors. Stage hands accentuate the content by creating ambient sounds and music. Different aromas created by the company's scentscaper further lure the audience into the world of the story. Even a touch technician provide objects and surfaces to touch and be touched by the audience. The resulting experience is a new visceral type of theater that captures the individual human experience within a story.

This approach suits the ambitious terror attempted in MOTHER LEEDS. Setting out to create innovative and diverse platforms for both production and audience, Amanda Levie, Executive Director of No Peeking Theatre, decided to develop a new production that could give the audience an experiential lens to peer through, so to speak. This original work has, for the first time, been written and directed by Amanda herself as an homage to growing up and living in what she believes is one of the most fascinating states in the country: New Jersey.

The principal cast of MOTHER LEEDS was thrilled to provide support and have been fans both professionally and personally of this new format of storytelling. Genevieve Hoeler, who acted in the very first No Peeking production The Shapeshifter, is returning as a principal role in this upcoming thriller. Kit Voglesang, actress, long time colleague and former director for Art House Productions, will be making her No Peeking debut, but is no stranger to the structure and visceral effects of avant garde, immersive, and interactive theatre. Alex Pereira Shorey, will be making her No Peeking debut as part of the terrifying principal cast.

MOTHER LEEDS stars Kit Vogelsang, Genevieve Hoele and Alex Shorey. On the No Peeking Theatre MOTHER LEEDS crew are Joe Velez (Soundscape), Haroon Butt (Scentscape) and Amanda Levie (Touch Tech).

MOTHER LEEDS performs Friday, October 27th - Tuesday, October 31st at 8:00 pm. $25 All Seating For more information or to purchase tickets, visit Performances take place at Jersey City Art School, 29 McWilliams Place, Jersey City, NJ 07302.

Jersey City Art School (JCAS) is a collective in downtown Jersey City, designed with the community's residents in mind and using its wealth of artistic resources. Its focus is on growth of the individual artist-those involved can learn new skills, build a portfolio, or just hone their existing technique in an environment that fosters communication, even friendship, with others who have the same interests and talent. As the school expands, it continues to look to local artists, further developing the lively arts scene in Jersey City and beyond.


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