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The Danielle Georgiou Dance Group Premieres THE SAVAGE SECONDS: an Experimental Opera Streaming Online

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The Danielle Georgiou Dance Group Premieres THE SAVAGE SECONDS: an Experimental Opera Streaming Online

The Danielle Georgiou Dance Group (DGDG) announced that THE SAVAGE SECONDS, a new, experimental opera, will be premiering online June 4-10, 2020. The production will be presented by Undermain Theatre.

In response to the global pandemic and keeping true to their innovative and creative nature, the artists of DGDG will be designing this production specifically as a work of "theatre on film."

"We have used multi-media and alternative, experimental methods in almost all of our productions over the last nine years, so we wanted to meet this challenge head-on and see how we could translate the magic of live theatre to film," says DGDG Artistic Director Danielle Georgiou. "The show is being adapted for our current situation, and while many things have changed, and are constantly being changed as we learn to live in this new normal, the desire to perform and connect in unique ways has grown and is motivating us to move forward. We know that elements of intimacy and interactivity is missing for the audience members of digital performances, so we are developing new ways of engaging the audience's imagination and personal space."

The filmed performance, driven primarily with music and movement, will serve as the story-telling element, however, this leaves out the breath and nuance of being in the presence of the performers. In order to grow connection between the audience and the characters, DGDG will be developing a multi-media map using a website of puzzles and secrets. The site will feature biographic material about the characters, personal writings, intimate details, and the opportunity to interact with the actual finished performance. Audience members will be able to wander through the layers of the website, learning about the show, to deepen their curiosity and bond with the story. There are many surprises in store. You just might end up in the show. The website can be accessed at:

Conceived by Danielle Georgiou and Justin Locklear, THE SAVAGE SECONDS centers on the story of a young girl-sent home from boarding school during a great plague-whose coming of age is hijacked by her powerful but absent parents, malicious siblings, and the surreal confusion of sexuality. Exploring the genre of tragédie en musique and the concepts inherent in the Greek tragedies of Oedipus and Medea, THE SAVAGE SECONDS looks at the effects of obsession and celebrity in a world catapulted into disarray by disease and political turmoil.

The cast includes Elaina Alspach (BABY), Jovane Caamaño (FATHER), Colby Calhoun (MIDDLE CHILD), Nick Leos (ELDEST CHILD), and Monet Lerner (STEP-MOTHER). With the ensemble: William Acker, Kelli Howard, Christopher Lew, Sarah Mendez, Omar Padilla, and Alondra Puentes. Composer Black Taffy (Donovan Jones), Technical Director Lori Honeycutt. Directed and Choreographed by Danielle Georgiou. Book, Lyrics, and Musical Direction by Justin Locklear.



In order to access the stream, patrons will need to purchase a ticket from

Tickets will be available for purchase starting on May 4, 2020.


Patrons will receive a link and password on June 4 to view THE SAVAGE SECONDS. The link will be available until June 11 at 11:59pm. If you purchase after June 4, you will get your link within 24-hours of your purchase.

Photo Credit: Andrew Ryan Shepherd

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