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Student Blog: Summertime, When The Livin' Is Easy


Musicals synonymous with summer

Student Blog: Summertime, When The Livin' Is Easy

With the change of the seasons it is time for those Songs of Purple Summer that create a Summer Lovin' mood. What is vacation without a perfect playlist? These are my favorite musicals that remind me of summer; some are obvious and some are only my preference. Regardless, I hope you kick back, relax, and soak in the tunes that signify sunshine!

There are several obvious contenders related to summer. Though the previously mentioned Grease only has a few summer vignettes, Summer Nights is a classic song and the perfect summer fantasy. I picture a night spent watching Grease on an outdoor projection screen with friends and tons of popcorn. Another classic is definitely Carousel. Though it is a serious piece, there is the famous June is Bustin' Out All Over that has the perfect summer throughline. If you are ready for some intense theater and amazing performances from Jessie Mueller and Lindsay Mendez, be sure to check out Carousel. A lesser-known but just as exciting musical, Wish You Were Here, takes place all around a summer vacation. I highly recommend streaming songs from this golden age gem such as Goodbye Love, Could Be, and They Won't Know Me. The Last Five Years is a staple summer watch from Cathy's summer of performing and Summer in Ohio, even though the premise is the entirety of a five year relationship. The perfect summer plan can include The Last Five Years movie or recently filmed stage production.

While those selections were pretty straight-forward, I also have a collection of musicals I consider summer themed, regardless of how they are advertised. Mamma Mia, Little Mermaid, and Anything Goes fall into a similar beach category that reminds me of fun in the sun. These musicals are not necessarily set during summer months but they are frequently performed during this season and are perfect for any poolside playlist. Of course, no summer is complete without belting out some ABBA. Moving away from the beach theme, I consider 1776 a summer musical from the frequent references to heat in the courtroom and progression towards the Declaration of Independence. Hamilton has frequent references to the summer as well as a repeated motif of 'summer in the city'. While it is counterintuitive, I consider Frozen a summer musical solely because In Summer is a great addition to my playlist.

In previous years, summer has been the perfect time to see shows and take in live theater. While it may look different this year, a selection of summer musicals can set the mood for a fantastic season! Take a moment for yourself to conjure up musicals that remind you of summer. Whether it be your favorite beach themed sets or moments in history, feel free to explore this interesting genre. The most important criteria for a list of favorite summer musicals is that it includes your own personal favorites! Set up the blankets and popcorn and prepare for a summer of musicals.

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