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May 18
10:00 AM 2014
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Rapunzel in Broadway RAPUNZEL
Actor's Playhouse
From David Crane and Marta Kaufman, the creators of the hit T.V. show "Friends", comes a wickedly funny, musical interpretation of this classic Grimm's Fairy Tale. Will the Wicked Witch keep Rapunzel locked in a tower forever? Can the bumbling Prince Charming finally rescue a maiden in distress? If Rapunzel can't leave the tower will her Sweet Sixteen sour? The answers await you in this refreshingly clever musical adaptation.
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Big River in Broadway BIG RIVER
Corinth Theatre-Arts Playhouse
Based on Mark Twain's classic 1884 novel, "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn," this musical is set on the pre-Civil War Mississippi River. Impetuous and freedom-loving Huck leaves his Missouri town - floating down the river in a raft -- when his alcoholic and violent father wins custody. Along the way, Huck meets runaway slave Jim, who is searching for his wife and children up North. Soon, the two are joined by the Duke and the King, who tell Jim and Huck that they're deposed French royalty but actually are con men and escaped convicts. After some (mis)adventures that reunite Huck with his best friend, Tom Sawyer, Huck discovers that Jim's slave owner died and freed Jim in her will. Jim continues searching for his family on his own and Huck decides to move out West to escape civilizing influences.
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Scott and Hem in the Garden of Allah in Broadway SCOTT AND HEM IN THE GARDEN OF ALLAH
Actor's Playhouse
F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway wrestle with the sparks of art and the perils of creativity. This combative new play is set in 1937 Hollywood, at the infamous Garden of Allah, celebrity filled apartment complex. Fueled by friendship and rivalry, these two literary heavyweights reunite for one final night, in this smart and powerful new drama exploring the cost of love, friendship and the personal and professional price of being a writer.
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Shrek The Musical in Broadway SHREK THE MUSICAL
New Stage Theatre
Based on the DreamWorks Animation Motion Picture and the book by William Steig SHREK THE MUSICAL, based on the Oscar winning DreamWorks film that started it all, brings the hilarious story of everyone's favorite ogre to dazzling new life on the stage. In a faraway kingdom turned upside down, things get ugly when an unseemly ogre shows up to rescue a feisty princess. Throw in a donkey who won't shut up, a villian with a SRT temper, a cookie with an attitude and over a dozen other fairytale misfits, and you've got a mess that calls for a real hero...Shrek. SHREK THE MUSICAL is part romance, part twisted fairytale and all irreverent fun for everyone! Rated PG.
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