Scoop: ROCK CENTER WITH BRIAN WILLIAMS on NBC - Thursday, November 15, 2012


Scoop: ROCK CENTER WITH BRIAN WILLIAMS on NBC - Thursday, November 15, 2012 Richard Engel takes viewers to Yemen, in search of what U.S. officials say is the world’s most dangerous man when it comes to the ability and desire to kill Americans. That man, Ibrahim Asiri, is a master Al Qaeda bomb-maker whose specialty is building explosive devices small enough to get through airport security but powerful enough to bring down a passenger plane.


Charlie Engle went to prison for his role in the financial crisis, but he wasn’t a Wall Street banker or a predatory lender. He was prosecuted for doing what thousands of other Americans did, exaggerating his income on his mortgage application. But while the government bailed out the banks, they dropped the hammer on Charlie Engle. Harry Smith has his story.


Imagine if doctors could prescribe video games for severe pain instead of addictive painkilling narcotics ... sound far-fetched? Well it's already happening in several hospitals across the country. Natalie Morales meets a burn patient whose success story using virtual reality is nothing short of miraculous. Lieutenant Sam Brown was blown up by an IED in Afghanistan in 2008, and almost burned to death. His recovery was excruciating, but he says when he played a virtual reality game it took his mind off the pain even more than taking morphine ... and that's not all. His drive to get better was also fueled by the love of a beautiful dietician he met in the hospital.


BrIan Williams wraps up the broadcast with a look back at what has people talking … in case you missed it. From this week’s news to some of the quirky stuff online, it will be worth talking about tomorrow. #ROCKBOTTOM

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