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First Listen: Lance Bass Returns with 'Walking on Air'

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First Listen: Lance Bass Returns with 'Walking on Air'

According to, Lance Bass is returning to music with the release of Bass's new track, "Walking on Air". Bass was at Sundance to promote the documentary "Kidnapped For Christ," which he executive produced where he described the song as a "fun dance track". The track itself was first released in 2012 by Anise K.

Check out 'Walking on Air' after the jump.

"It's been almost 12 years since I've been in the studio with the 'N Sync boys," he says, citing his VMAs reunion with Justin Timberlake and company as his inspiration to get back in the studio. "After 'N Sync I needed a little creative break from music; I didn't know it would be this long."

Bass's new track "Walking on Air" is a dance/electronica song produced by Australia's Anise K, and features whom Bass believes will be "the next David Guetta." It also features guest spots from vocalist Bella Blue and none other than Snoop Dogg. The song hits iTunes tomorrow, but you can listen to it below:

First Listen: Lance Bass Returns with 'Walking on Air'

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