Alhambra Pictures Inks Deal for Screenplay Adaptation of Judy Heneghan's Play THE BIG WOOP

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Alhambra Pictures Inks Deal for Screenplay Adaptation of Judy Heneghan's Play THE BIG WOOPJames Hardy, of Alhambra Pictures, best known as a producer on more than forty Bob Hope television specials (including the iconic USO shows), has now optioned the film rights to "The Big Woop" and hired award winning filmmaker, Ryan Daniel Dobson, to begin working on the screenplay adaption.

As with so many in this industry, Ryan Daniel Dobson's career began exclusively in acting, then subsequently branching out into the production world with a project sold to Fremantle NorthAmerica and Alloy Ent. with BURDEN OF TRUTH. To date, he has written and directed several short films, featured at festivals around the world. Ryan recently swept the Napa Valley Film Festival with Audience Choice awards and jury nods for his films THE ROMANTICS and WEAPONS.

"The Big Woop" is a dark comedy dealing with the lost and the found - death and doublewides. The original stage production is a comedic, character driven dramedy that takes a highly unorthodox look at aging, family, and confronting one's own mortality.

"The Big Woop" takes place in a mobile home retirement village outside of Phoenix AZ. The story follows the control freak manager of the retirement village, Delores, as she "crafts up" her own coffin, in an attempt to interpret and place order upon the chaos of her recently diagnosed illness. She is forced to ask for help, and to connect (and re-connect) with the colorful characters of her adopted family in the retirement community, and even more dauntingly, with her actual relatives. The play is the antithesis of morbidity. Quirky, yet down-to-earth, Heneghan confronts the hang-ups and fears we have surrounding the concepts of love, life, & death, and ultimately comes away asking the question..."What's the big woop?!"

Developed by playwright, Judy Heneghan, "The Big Woop" began as a monologue piece she wrote in 2004, based on the character that ran the Mobile-Home Retirement Community where her parents lived. She discovered that the Mobile-Home community was filled with colorful characters that were "ripe for the plucking," with personalities that the public could easily relate. The result is a gaggle of fractured individuals losing control and finding family in ""The Big Woop."

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