Sage Launches New Sage City Online Community for Customers, Business Partners, Employees

Sage Launches New Sage City Online Community for Customers, Business Partners, Employees

WASHINGTON, DC - Sage North America today announced it has launched Sage City, a new centralized online community for customers, business partners and employees. Sage City houses more than 30 product and business groups that users can join to participate in forums, view videos, read blogs and see what is streaming through social media feeds.

"We wanted a single place for Sage customers, partners and employees to not only ask questions, but also meet and share ideas, knowledge and experience," said Brad Smith, executive vice president of customer experience, Sage North America. "Sage City merges the formerly 24 separate product communities into one community, making it easier for those with multiple Sage products and services to connect quickly to discuss their products with one another."

While Sage City offers support through groups for each Sage North America product line, the community also features eight business groups, including Accounting & Bookkeeping, Financials & Reporting and Operations & Inventory Management, that mirror the areas established for the live Sage City event, being held at Sage Summit today. The business groups allow Sage customers, business partners and employees to discuss relevant business topics and challenges related directly to the day-to-day jobs they have in their companies and organizations.

"Our hope is, Sage City will be a true collaborative meeting place that will really help people grow their businesses, answer their product questions and gain new insight from one another," said Smith.

The Sage City online community was modeled after the signature Sage City networking event and kickoff to the customer conference at Sage Summit. This year's Sage City event has been updated with role-based networking opportunities. Attendees will benefit from connecting with like-minded individuals in a collaborative environment to discuss hot topics and solve business problems. Small groups, facilitated by Sage business partners, will share discussion outcomes, which will be displayed for the remainder of the Sage Summit conference to encourage continued conversations.