NetSuite Announces QuickBooks Customers Moving to NetSuite Cloud ERP to Fuel Business Growth

NetSuite Announces QuickBooks Customers Moving to NetSuite Cloud ERP to Fuel Business Growth

NetSuite Inc., the industry's leading provider of cloud-based financials / ERP software suites, today announced new customer wins among fast growing companies outgrowing standalone Intuit QuickBooks accounting software for the greater functionality, efficiency and capacity for business growth available through NetSuite's integrated cloud business management software suite. Upgrading to NetSuite has spared these companies from having to manually re-key data between QuickBooks and separate application silos for CRM, inventory and order management, eCommerce, and other core business processes. They have gained process automation, and real-time visibility into critical business metrics not possible with QuickBooks and business solutions, and report stronger business growth by eliminating the ceiling imposed by QuickBooks business accounting software.

Executives of former QuickBooks users SOLiD, CIRCA and Accelerated Claims will share their insight into why they upgraded to NetSuite and the benefits they have derived during a webinar on Wednesday, February 6, 2013, "Why Companies Are Switching from QuickBooks to the Cloud to Fuel Their Growth." To register for the webinar click here, or to learn more about the benefits of moving from QuickBooks to NetSuite, please visit

The latest customers moving up from QuickBooks to NetSuite join thousands of other companies that have made the switch to support accelerated growth in revenue, customers, sales channels, geographic markets and more. Typically, small companies deploy QuickBooks upon starting up business operations, but once the company grows beyond a handful of employees, they face limitations in functionality, process synchronization and visibility that inhibit their growth potential. Primarily accounting software, QuickBooks requires a business to buy and integrate separate applications to run sales force management, eCommerce operations, order management, marketing and customer support. Frustrations with functionality limitations and the high costs and pain associated with integration forces QuickBooks users to look for something better to sustain their business growth. The need to manage software and servers with QuickBooks on-premise applications introduces another pain point and needless costs for IT services. By upgrading to NetSuite, customers report that they have been able to:

Improve productivity and operational efficiency. NetSuite supports an entire company-accounting, sales, fulfillment, order management, inventory, service, eCommerce and more-eliminating the need to transfer and rekey data between QuickBooks and other applications.

Enable better, faster decision-making. Real-time, anytime anywhere access to critical business information in NetSuite enables companies to seize opportunities and make better decisions with speed and precision.

Gain a platform for unlimited global growth. Used by more than 12,000 companies and subsidiaries in 100+ countries around the world, NetSuite gives QuickBooks users a breadth and depth of functionality that can help power virtually unlimited growth. NetSuite includes built-in multi-company, multi-location, multi-currency, multi-tax, and multi-language capability to support global expansion across multiple locations and subsidiaries.

Eliminate IT hassles. NetSuite's integrated cloud software eliminates software integrations and patches, upgrades, hardware maintenance and integration projects, allowing companies to focus on growing the business.

"QuickBooks can make sense for a small company just starting out, but it can't keep up as the company grows and adds new users, products, customers, markets and revenue streams," said Kishore Bhamidipati, Director, NetSuite Product Marketing. "We've seen time and again how QuickBooks defectors in numerous industries have thrived in the cloud after coming to the realization that QuickBooks wasn't the right solution to enable their next stage of growth."