JumpstartMD Provides Weight Loss and the Health Tech Revolution

At a packed Dreamforce 2013 session, JumpstartMD's Co-founder and COO, Dr. Conrad Lai, announced the company's soon to be launched user-friendly, intuitive and secure online interface which will allow patients to track their health progress. The session, which showcased innovative technology uses to advance medicine, was an apt setting to demonstrate how this new tool can inspire patients to work towards their personal health, wellness and weight loss goals.

"JumpstartMD specializes in state-of-the-art weight management care via individually tailored meal and lifestyle strategies essential to achieving and sustaining patients' health and lifestyle objectives. Since we started our practice in 2007, our patients have been asking for a way to engage with our program and staff of health experts beyond their weekly in-person visits," said Dr. Lai. "Once we launch our new patient portal in January 2014, we can offer them 24/7 interaction and guidance as well as a community platform where they can find other patients with like-minded goals or needs."

The portal will enable patients to track their biometric data (weight, BMI, body fat, glucose, heart rate, blood pressure, and sleep), food and beverage intake, medications and daily movement activities. Additionally, the mobile and web apps will provide access to recipes, eating strategies and more, including optional community involvement with other JumpstartMD patients. Another innovative portal feature makes it possible for patients to sync data from their personal mobile fitness devices with the JumpstartMD portal.

"We are very excited to offer our patients the ability to sync all the major devices," said Dr. Lai. "This is truly innovative and JumpstartMD is proud to be the first company to provide this offering. Collecting data has no value if you don't know what to do with it and through the portal our patients are able to connect with dedicated experts who can help them interpret the data and offer specific guidance regarding appropriate ongoing lifestyle changes."

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