UndercoverWear Lingerie launches 'Do it for the 'Girls' for Breast Cancer Awareness

UndercoverWear Lingerie launches 'Do it for the 'Girls' for Breast Cancer Awareness

UndercoverWear, the industry leader in home lingerie parties launched its "Do it for the 'Girls'" campaign for October 2012 to raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer research.  On Monday, October 1st, the company's website added its "Do it for the 'Girls'" banner featuring a sequined bra and pink ribbon, promoting its fun and cheeky focus on "the Girls" for the campaign.

"We're a lingerie company, how could we NOT do something like this in October?" said CEO Tiffany James. "Every woman has been exposed to the dangers of Breast Cancer. Whether it's through annual check-ups or a diagnosis of themselves or someone they know. The sooner we can put an end to this disease, the better."

Other images on the site have been changed to reflect the focus of the company for October. Even the "Top Achievers" page which usually features the sales success stories within the company has been changed to "Our Survivors" featuring members of the UndercoverWear organization who have survived breast cancer.

Customers of UndercoverWear will have the ability to contribute to the fundraising efforts through the purchase of specific UndercoverWear products. The most popular product is the company's "It's the Balm" flavored balm that is available in multiple flavors in either a jar or a "lipstick tube." The balm moisturizes, cools and plumps and can be used on lips but most importantly on the breasts and nipples. A portion of proceeds from all "It's the Balm" in October will be donated to fundraising efforts. Customers can also join the UndercoverWear sales force and have a portion of membership fee donated to breast cancer research.

Tiffany James adds, "One thing we wanted to do was create a fun and cheeky campaign about breast health. I can't minimize the fact that cancer is a terrible disease and we've all lost people we know because of it. However, as a woman, I refuse to let the threat of cancer take away my spirit and sense of humor. In society today, everyone talks about "the Girls" when talking about women's breasts - so why not focus on them and help to protect and save them!"