Leslie Tessler Outerwear Balances Chic with Warmth

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Leslie Tessler Outerwear Balances Chic with Warmth

Leslie Tessler is an outerwear brand that finds the perfect balance between New York's fast-paced atmosphere and Argentina's chic environment.

Incorporating the most luxurious fabrics and textiles including Peruvian alpaca, Italian cashmere, and French woven silk, Tessler hones into statement pieces that are feel-good, high-end and can be worn for any occasion. Including one of a kind hand-made capes made of cashmere with vintage buttons and trims, each client is bound to find a timeless statement piece within Tessler's unique collection.

With a color palette that covers every hue imaginable, the brand is the ultimate statement piece for women all over the map.Tessler also offers eye-catching accessories such as faux fur lapel collars to embrace the perfect outerwear collection.

For more visit http://leslietessler.com/.

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